Who are you?
I'm Vicky, a 28 year old  3rd degree Black Belt with a passion for makeup but a TINY budget. I'm married to a giant, mother to a wonderful 3 year old little boy, and I teach Taekwondo at nights during the week. I like to say I'm a jack of all trades.

What made you start this blog?
I've always liked makeup and looking nice, but I've also always had a ridiculously tiny budget. That means that I've had to learn a trick or two on how to get the best deals possible or how to make things myself at home. Now I want to share my knowledge with everybody else out there who is in the same boat as me.

Do you get paid to write these reviews?
All opinions expressed here are my own and I never receive compensation for them. Some of the products I was given for the purpose of reviewing, but again I am not compensated in any way and all opinions expressed are my own. If I like an item I'll tell you, if I hate it I'll tell you. Honesty is the best policy.

When does the blog update?
I update 7 days a week now, one a day. Each post is scheduled to go live at 9 AM PST (I live in Oregon).

I love the blog, how can I make sure I never miss a post?
Great news, there is now a "subscribe by email" option so you never miss a post! I also post on the Facebook page and the Google+ page when a new post goes up.

I found a link that doesn't work/a blank page/some other web designing mistake!
Oops! I am new to web design so inevitably there will be something that just doesn't work right. If you find it please contact me so I can get it fixed ASAP. Pages I am actively working on will typically have a "This page is currently under construction. Thank you for your patience" disclaimer at the top so if you see something wrong or that doesn't work please check again the next day. If it still doesn't work please let me know.

I sent you a message and you never got back to me.
I apologize, between the blog, my job, and raising a family sometimes I forget to check the message section. If I haven't responded within a week feel free to send me another message or leave a comment on the Facebook page to snag my attention. However, if your message was basically a "you're hot, lets *censored*" message, I will not be replying to it at all and if you send them frequently you will be banned. I'm a human being with feelings, please respect them.

You have a Social Media Page?
Yes, we have a Google+ Page, a Facebook Page, a Pinterest Page , a Twitter account, and an Instagram page. I'm very active on the Instagram and the Twitter accounts, trying to get better at being active on the other ones as well. I do post blog links on them so they are a great way to stay on top of new content.

I would love for you to review my product!
Great, I would love to! Please contact me and we will discuss it. Looking forward to working with you.

Why haven't you reviewes "X product"?
There are lots of reasons why I haven't reviewed a product. It may be outside of the budget I allow for items, it may have ingredients I'm allergic too, I may not like the company at all and refuse to support them, or I may not haven't gotten around to trying it yet. If there is an item you really want my opinion on tell me. I'm pretty open minded to products and will typically try anything once.

Have any other questions for me? Send them in and I'll answer them as best I can.


  1. Hi Vicky! I really like your budget take on beauty! I nominated you for a Leibster award, can't wait to read future posts! :-) http://beautyonabeerbudget.com/2014/08/24/leibster-award/

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I'm so honored and excited, thank you!