Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Best Lip Exfoliation Without Paying The Big Bucks

Greetings! I know this post is late, everybody in my house has been dead sick for the last week and a half (there is nothing worst than a sick toddler let me tell you), but I'll make up for it by letting you in on my DIY lip exfoliation secret. All the ingredients are cheap and you probably already own them and use them on a regular basis, just not on your face. All you need for soft and smooth lips is olive oil and brown sugar. That's it, no hard to find powdered clay, no super specific type of salt or essential oils. Just olive oil (any kind, I use extra virgin since I always have a gallon of it in my kitchen) and some brown sugar.

Mix about a teaspoon of brown sugar with enough olive oil to make a paste and apply to your lips in a circular pattern, gently scrubbing away the dead skin. The oil will serve as a moisturizer, leaving your lips feeling smooth and looking great. As an added bonus it won't taste horrible or make you sick if you get some in your mouth, as I always do. Easy as can be and won't cost you a dime assuming you already have olive oil and brown sugar in your kitchen.

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