Monday, December 28, 2015

HYKO Brightening Serum

*I received this free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*

Face serums are one of the most forgotten parts of the skin care regime in my opinion. Everybody knows about moisturizer, acne/anti-aging treatments, eye cream, and toner. But I'd bet you 80% of people who do a daily skin care routine don't use a serum, which is a shame because they rock. I have one I use at night, but not a daily one, so I was excited to test out a hyaluronic and kojic acid one by Bauana Naturals.

Pretty sure you are sitting there going what they heck is kojic acid? If you've been reading this blog for a while now you should be familiar with hyaluronic acid (a really great moisturizer for those who don't know), but kojic acid is a new one to me. According to the Google, kojic acid is basically this stuff produced my several types of fungi that helps prevent discoloration (hence the brightening aspect of this serum). It also seems to have radiation protecting properties, which is kind of cool. Give it a Google if you want to learn more. So in a nut shell this moisturizes and brightens your skin.

The serum itself is clear and pretty watery, which I actually prefer for day time products. I like stuff that absorbs quickly into the skin, so this was perfect for me. There's a slight floral scent to it, but it went away basically as soon as I rubbed it into my face. I've definitely noticed a chance in my skin tone and evenness, the dark spots I had along one side of my jaw are fading. I already use moisturizers every morning and evening so I didn't notice a change there, but since it's been just above freezing here and there are no dry patches on my face I'd say this is helping for sure.

I'm actually pretty impressed with what I've seen so far out of this serum, I'm really looking forward to what my face will look like after a whole month of use. If you are interested in trying this out for yourself, you can pick up a 1 oz bottle for $35 (free Prime shipping) here.

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