Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Incredible Growing Bag

*I received this free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own*

I love tiny things that open up to be giant, whether it's an umbrella or the coat my husband bought me one year. So when Dot&Dot sent me this amazing travel bag I was over the moon. It was soooo tiny and flat, I could not believe it. I might have just sat down and giggled for 10 minutes. I love Dot&Dot, they make the greatest travel accessories and this might be my favorite one to date just because of how practical it is. Is the suspense killing you yet?

This small little square (which if I had paid more attention while folding it back up would have been like an inch wide) opens up and unfolds into a full sized gym bag. Crazy right? I'm pretty sure there is some sort of magic involved in how this all packs together. There's a zipper that basically spirals around it, slowly flattening it to the compact size you see here.

This bag is HUGE! I could have put my son it it with room to spare, it is a full sized gym bag. I actually tested this over Christmas to haul presents back and forth between our place and the Grandparents house and it worked like a charm. It held everything, including the super heavy stuff without a tear. There are so many vacations I've been on where having a bag like this would have been a life saver. I've bought luggage while on vacation just to hold the stuff I was bringing back. Having a bag that fold up this tiny is a brilliant idea. And these are only $26.99 with free Prime shipping, which is about how much you'd spend on a nice gym bag anyways.

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