Sunday, January 3, 2016

Dot&Dot Hanging Toiletry Bag

*I received this free for reviewing purpose. All opinions are my own*

By now you should know I'm a huge fan of Dot&Dot, a company that specializes in travel accessories to help make packing a breeze. Seriously, every single item I've tried from them has been brilliant. I'm always excited when they have a new product for me to test out for you guys. And this item is perfect for the makeup lovers we all are.

Like most Dot&Dot items, this hanging toiletry bag comes in a variety of colors, but I picked out the red one. Red happens to be my favorite color and is a nice bright color making it easy to find in whatever suitcase or bag I toss it into. My camera hates the color red though, so the picture is a little off.

When you unzip it you are greeted with a large zippered compartment and the hanging part. This all folds nicely together and since everything is zippered you won't have migrations or get the hook caught in your stuff.

When you flip the hanging part up you can see another mesh zippered pocket and a set of pockets on the hanger. There's a zippered pocket and two regular pocket on the hanger, not sure what I'll put in them right now but I like all the pockets. This mesh pocket is big enough I could easily put one of my larger palettes in it as well as my additional makeup items or my brush roll. And because of the lip I could open this while the whole thing is hanging and not worry about everything dumping out.

The bottom zippered pocket is huge and almost 2 inches wide so you could fit a ton of stuff in it. There are also these elastic straps sewn in to hold your bottles in place, which is a nice extra feature. I always hate having my bottles of soap and lotion just floating around in my bag, that's how spills happen.

This bag is monster huge as you can see. This isn't a throw it in your purse sort of travel bag. On one hand I really like how big it is, but on the other hand the size does make it difficult to pack into my smaller travel bag I use for overnight trips. But I get the feeling this is more of a longer vacation sort of bag, which is just fine. Means I'll pack this bag instead of 4 smaller bags.

Once again I am totally impressed by Dot&Dot. There products are high quality, especially for the price. This bag is currently $19.99 with free Prime shipping, which is a steal in my opinion. I can't wait for my first trip of the year so I can take this baby for a real spin.


  1. Nice organizing pockets in your bag! :)


    1. That's one of the things I love about this brand, they make organizing so easy!