Saturday, January 16, 2016

Real Techniques Deluxe Gift Set

If you are as obsessed with beauty products as I am then you probably have quite the collection of brushes. I have so many brushes my husband is threatening to hold an intervention. But because I'm always on the hunt for the perfect brush I of course picked up one of the holiday sets that was released in December. These were actually my first Real Techniques brushes ever, which is hard to believe. But I can tell you these won't be my last brushes from them, I am in love!

This set has 5 brushes and a little silver clutch, and retails for around $15 depending on where you pick it up. I got mine on sale at Kohl's for like $12, so this was a steal for sure. Two of the brushes are exclusive to this set as well.

The clutch is just your basic padded faux leather little clutch. The box says you can store your brushes in it but I'd worry about messing them up so I'm using this to hold pens in my purse.

Real Techniques color codes their brushes, which is a feature I LOVE! Purple are eye brushes, gold is for face (like foundation and concealer), and pink is for powders (like highlighter, blush, and setting powder). The bottom are flat so you can stand them up if you wanted too. I believe all the brushes are synthetic as well, so vegan friendly.

This is the Multi Task Brush, and it is for applying whatever powder you want. I personally use this for baking my under eyes and to set all my makeup, but you can use it for bronzer, blush, whatever you want.

The bristles are so soft, it's like a cloud on your face. I really like the domed shape, it's perfect to sweep away my powder when I'm baking and really gives my skin a flawless look. And did I mention it is sooooo soft? So so soft.

The Tapered Foundation brush is exclusive to this set, and is my current foundation applicator of choice.

The bristles are incredibly dense and tapered, making it a really great foundation brush. Sometimes it can be a little pokey just because of the unique cut, but after a bit of use the whole thing seems to even out and I haven't noticed any poking lately. I love how my makeup looks when I use this, this is well worth the price of the kit.

The other exclusive brush to this set is the Angled Highlighter brush. You can also use this for contouring, but I have a different brush I prefer for that.

I adore this brush and I use it every single day no joke. It is the best brush for highlighting I've ever used. The super soft bristles feel great on my skin and it is just the right size and shape for applying highlight to my cheek bones. The two exclusive brushes in this set make the whole kit worth it to me, so all the other brushes are an awesome bonus.

This is the Base Shadow brush, and if you buy their eye brush kit it comes in that one as well.

Again, super soft like all the other brushes from Real Techniques. The shape is just right for applying a transition color or an all over color. I'm actually tempted to get the eye brush kit so I can have a second one of these.

And the last brush is the Fine Liner brush. This also comes in the eye brush kit as well.

I actually haven't used this one at all yet, I'm currently out of cream/gel liner and just haven't gotten around to buying more. But I think this would preform really well. There's just the right amount of stiffness to it and the point is nice and fine. I will update you guys on what I think after I get more gel liner.

This is a really great set, well worth the price and I use all of them (minus the liner for reasons I just stated) daily. I'm really interested in trying out more Real Techniques brushes and seeing how well those perform. They are currently on sale (buy one get one free) at Ulta this month so now is a great time to pick them up. What's your favorite Real Techniques brush?


  1. I've never used Real Techniques, but I've had my eye on their Bold Metals collection. I had no idea they color-coordinated them! That's so nifty!

    1. I know, so helpful when you're trying to find that one specific brush in your collection. The Bold Metal brushes look soooo pretty, I've been eyeballing them forever. Thanks for stopping by!