Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Worst Makeup Removing Pads I've Ever Tried

*I received these free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*

I ask very little of my makeup and skincare products. I want them to work well and not break me out. That's it. A pretty simple list of needs I think, and most things don't fail my list. But man, whenever I have an item fail it seems to fail spectacularly. I had such high hopes for the MoMoUP Makeup Removing Finger Pads, they have such a unique design that I could not wait to test them out. But let's back up a bit before we get to why I hate these so much.

These are makeup removing pads you put on your finger (see pictures below), which is a neat concept. There are two in each pack, and their are 25 packs total in the box.

Each set is individually wrapped, another concept I liked quite a bit. I really need to find makeup removing wipes I like that come in individual packs like this.

The back has a "How To Use" guide, but the light pink on white color scheme can be harder to see if you have vision problems like I do. While is is annoying it isn't why I think this product is awful.

They do fit nicely on my fingers, but if you had bigger/thicker fingers I doubt you'd be able to comfortable place this on your fingers like so. And they are really saturated, so they can be a bit hard to pull apart and feel a bit....gross on your fingers. First reason I don't like these is the smell. They smell exactly like the gallon sized bottles of bubble mix I buy my son. Very strong and overpowering and not even a good scent. I'm actually pretty sure there is bubble mix on these because when you use them it makes your skin feel like there's a thick soapy residue leftover. I actually had to wash my face completely after using this the first time. So that's another reason not to like it.

One of the biggest reasons I didn't like these is they burned my eyes so bad it felt like I had touched them with peppers. How is a eye makeup removing wipe suppose to work if it burns your eyes?!? And I even double checked the packaging to see if they were maybe just face and not eyes, but nope. Totally ok to use on your eyes. I have no idea what made them burn so bad but even if these worked awesomely I wouldn't use them again. And since I had to do a full washing of my face just to get the residue off, I'm not counting these as working at all.

And the last reason I hate these is they broke me out something fierce. I only used them the one time and my skin took a time machine back to my teenage years. It was awful! Took a full week of babying and treating my skin just to get it back to normal. A cleaner shouldn't break you out so badly you basically live in concealer, that's not how it should work.

I think these are a total piece of crap and a waste of money. I would never ever recommend these to anybody, even people I don't like. The rest of the box is going straight into the trash.

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