Monday, March 21, 2016

Scrubbies for the Feeties

* I received this item free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own*

With warm weather fast approaching, feet are starting to reappear from their caves of wool socks and heavy winter boots. And I'm betting your feet are looking a little.....gross right now. Dry, maybe cracked heels, some yellowing toe nails. It happens. But luckily there are a ton of products on the market to help with that. Like this one by First Botany.

This foot scrub has tea tree oil in it to help get rid of any nastiness that might be growing to to help deodorize your feet as well.

It is slightly on the dryer side for a scrub, which is actually what I prefer. I don't like drippy scrubs, they make a huge mess and make my shower a danger zone. I actually noticed a difference the next day after I first used this. I went to use it again and was surprised at how soft my feet were. And I not only do martial arts but I run so my feet are not pretty at all. But I use this about every other day now any my feet actually look really nice! Like I can wear sandals and not worry about how my feet look.

A tub of this is 12 oz, so it will last you for a while if you just use it on your feet like I do. And for $14.50 with free Prime shipping the price is perfectly right for me. I'm really loving this and I'll be bringing it with me to the next girl's spa night for sure, I know some ladies that will go nuts over this.

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