Saturday, March 19, 2016

Valentia Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

*I received this item free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own*

Valentia Skincare is one of those brands I'm slowly starting to like. We started out rough with an unimpressive but expensive eye cream but they have softened me up with their pretty good mud masks. I've been given another chance to try a product from their range and I'm pretty sure I'm sold on the brand now. What product finally won me completely over? The most heavenly smelling serum I've ever used.

This is a deeply hydrating serum you can use either day or night (I personally use it during the day), that smells like a rose garden. And not fake rose either, but like an actual rose garden. It hydrates, helps provide antioxidant protection, soothes dry skin, and boost how your skin looks and feels. It absorbs quickly and does not leave you feeling gross, sticky, or greasy.

It comes in a glass pump bottle, which is one of my preferred containers for skincare products. Pumps are much more hygenic than tubes or jars. Anything your fingers go in can get bacteria growing in it. I typically use a pump and a half to cover my whole face and down my neck. Within a few days of using this I was able to see and feel a difference in my skin. I really love this serum and highly recommend it to everybody. I will even buy a bottle of it when mine runs out. You can purchase it on Amazon for $35 with free Prime shipping.

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