Friday, October 23, 2015

Forlan Advanced SKincare

*I received this free for testing and reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*

When we browse through items one of the first things we notice is the name. If I'm looking at something labeled scissors, I expect the item to be a set of scissors. Same if I'm looking at makeup or skincare items. If the item says it's a mascara, I don't expect to open it up and discover a lipstick. This is why I'm puzzled with what to make of the Forlan Advanced Skincare brand and the BB Cream they sent me to review. For those who may not know, a BB Cream is a Beauty Balm. essentially a tinted moisturizer with primer, SPF, and other skin beneficial items in it. But it is essentially a light to medium coverage foundation. So imagine my surprise to find not one bit of tint at all to my new BB Cream.

If you read the Amazon description of it, it says you can use it to cover mild imperfections (AKA a light coverage foundation) or you can use it as a base. The actual bottle, minus the BB Cream label, says nothing about coverage at all. I would actually call this more of an almost primer than a BB Cream. It moisturizes your skin, has anti-aging properties in it, and has antioxidants in it to help your skin become nice and healthy.

As a pre-makeup base I liked it well enough, though I do wish it had some SPF in it. If you typically use a moisturizer before you apply any primer or foundation you could use this in it's place. Could you wear only this and walk out the door? Sure, but you'd have no coverage on your face. I had high hopes for this, BB Creams are my jam so I'm always in the lookout for a new one to try. But alas, this isn't even a cousin to BB Creams. If you want an almost primer to add to your routine, this may work for you, but otherwise I'd give it a big pass. For $17.95 plus free Prime shipping I expected a ton more than what I received.

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