Tuesday, October 6, 2015

JGOB Blending Sponge Review + Giveaway!!

*I received this free for testing/reviewing purpose. All opinions are 100% my own*

If you are a lover of makeup then you are probably quite aware of the current trend of tear drop shaped blending sponges to apply your makeup. You've probably used one, or have thought about using one. And there are a LOT of them in the market right now, ranging from the $20 Beauty Blender to the one I found at my Dollar Store. The JGOB blending sponge is middle of the pack price wise at $11.99, but how does it perform? That's the question I always ask when I try new things.

The sponge arrives in a hard plastic case (with air holes), which is labelled as being a travel case. It did arrive in one piece, so I guess the case works pretty well. The sponge is super soft, it literally felt like I was applying my makeup with a cloud. And like the more expensive Beauty Blender, if you wet this sponge it will grow in size and become even softer. I preferred to use it wet, my foundation always looked flawless afterwards.

The rounded end is what I preferred for my foundation, while the pointed end is what I used for concealer and around my nose. There is a lot of surface area to use, something those of us who constantly forget to clean our brushes will appreciate. And as far as cleaning goes, it is harder to clean than brushes but it held up to my man handling without tearing so I'd call that a win.

I really liked the JGOB blending sponge, it held up great and my makeup always looked flawless. And like I said, $11.97 plus free Prime shipping makes it middle of the pack price wise so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a Beauty Blender this is a good option. And if FREE sounds like a better price, JGOB is letting me run a giveaway! Just comment down below on how you like to apply your foundation (fingers, brush, sponge, small cat...) and I will randomly pick a winner tomorrow afternoon at 2 PM PST.


  1. I have the Real Techniques sponge. I alternate between using it, and a foundation brush. I can't decide which method I prefer, or which one gives me better coverage.

  2. I like to apply my foundation with an elf flat top brush (I think they call it a powder brush but I thinks it's too stiff for that) but I used my fingers for years lol

    1. Congratulations! You are the winner of the JGOB blending sponge! Please email you mailing address and phone number to VickyTaft.RPG@Gmail.com as soon as possible