Thursday, April 24, 2014

Post Holiday Self Care

Did everybody survive the Easter weekend? I know I barely did, and I'm betting most people are in the same boat. Holidays can be rough, especially for people who may not have the best relationship with their family or loved ones. Now that the holidays are over for a bit, let's focus on some self care to help you feel and look good again. These are things I like to do to destress and relax after a chaotic and family filled weekend.

Never underestimate the healing powers of a hot bath. Throw in some bath salts and maybe some bath oils to really take it up a notch then climb in and relax. Let the hot water soothe any sore muscles and let the steam open up all of your pores. If you have a facial mask you like, now is a great time to use it. I also like to make myself a big mug of tea (chamomile or the Celestial brand Sleepy Time Vanilla are my two favorites for relaxing), but just a glass of cool water next to the tub can help you feel pampered. Put some mint leaves or sliced cucumbers into the water for that extra spa feeling.

Once out of the tub, slather on some nice lotion to make the most out of the moisture your skin absorbed. Rinse off the mask and follow up with whatever facial products you would like. I use a soothing eye gel to help depuff my eyes and reduce the dark circles I know I will have. Try and drink a full 8 oz of cool water once you get out of the bath as well. Now go put on your favorite relaxing around the house clothes and take some time to do what you want to do. Holidays are always about pleasing others, so having some you time to balance that out is crucial. Decompressing is important, so don't skip this step unless you absolutely have to. And lastly, go get a decent night's sleep, you've earned it.

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