Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Seasonal Makeup

I don't know where you live, but right now it is sunny and gorgeous in my neck of the woods (though to be fair this is Oregon so that could change by time I hit publish) and my head is full of summer plans. Warm weather means more than just shorts though, it means you need to adapt your beauty routine from winter time to summer time. The deep plums and rich blushes of winter will look out of place in the balmy summer months, and heavy moisturizers may not be needed now that the cold air isn't sucking all of the moisture from my skin. So here's a quick guide to help you shift your beauty routine like the shifting seasons.

Skin Care: Winter time calls for heavier moisturizers to counteract the drying air and dull skin requires more exfoliating to keep it looking smooth. Ditch the heavy lotion for a lighter one (with SPF!) to keep your skin soft without being overly greasy. Extra time outside enjoying the sun means more exposure to harmful ray which can not only prematurely age your skin but will increase your risk for skin cancers. Make sure all of your products contain some level of SPF, especially those areas you typically forget like your lips, and pick up a tube of sunscreen to use when you plan on spending any amount of time outside.

Colors: While winter called for darker, deeper colors, like my favorite deep plum lipstick, summer colors should be brighter to reflect the changing season. A coral lipstick looks great this time of year, or that bold pink you've been coveting for months now. Now is a perfect time to play with the pantone color of the year, orchid eyeshadow screams spring time to me.

Face: As the temperatures soar keep in mind that a heavy face of makeup will be more prone to melting and slipping all over the place, nobody wants to wipe their eyeliner off their cheek. Invest in a tinted moisturizer (with SPF!) and some cheek stains to help keep everything light and less likely to melt on you. Heavy eye makeup can pose the same problem, so either use a makeup setting spray or use a lighter hand when applying.

Tanning: I can't say this enough, exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can have very nasty effects of you. The days of oiling yourself up and sitting in the sun all day should be tossed aside like hammer pants, never to be thought of again. If you crave a golden tan, invest in a good bronzer for your face and maybe give some fake tan a try. Word of warning, self tanners will stain your hands so either use a tanner mitt or have a professional do it for you.

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