Friday, May 2, 2014

April 2014 Empties

I like to read other beauty blogs, and in March I found a few that do something really neat that I'd like to start doing as well. The gist is you save all of your empty beauty and skin care products from that month and on the first day of the next month (yes I know I'm late this month) do a post about what you used up and whether or not you'll be repurchasing them. It not only gives you a goal to finish the million half empty bottles sitting around but gives you a chance to show the readers what you use on a regular basis. So all of April I saved all of my empties, and while I only have 6 I am still pleased with that I used up and I know my May empty list will be quite a bit bigger.

From left to right on the top are Assure cotton rounds, Up and Up Apricot Facial Scrub, and Kirkland brand Makeup Removing Wipes. Bottom row left to right are a mini Mary Kay Lipgloss, a BC Mascara, and a Calgone body spray.

Assurance Cotton Rounds: Repurchase I get these at the dollar store right by my work and I love them them. 100% pure cotton, they never leave behind fluffy bits and cost a buck for a big bag of them. Seriously, why would you pay $5 for name brand ones?

Up and Up Apricot Scrub: Repurchase This is on my constant restock list, I love this so much. I did a fuller review of it which you can read here.

Kirkland Makeup Removal Wipes: Repurchase much later I actually got these at Costco so I have a ton still and won't need to repurchase any for a while. I'm in the process of written a review of these so I won't say anything else.

Mary Kay Gloss: No repurchase I received a pack of various glitter filled mini lip glosses a while ago as a free gift with purchase and while I loved the colors I hated the glitter and how gritty they were. Like sand paper gritty guys. I only have one left out of the set and I'll be glad to finally be done with them.

BC Mascara: No repurchase I picked this up at my local Marshalls for like $4 and I loved it for the first month. Then it started to get clumpy and the coating on the actual tube started flaking off every time I'd use it. Lasted me long enough to get my birthday goodies from various beauty companies (blogging about that later) so it at least wasn't a waste.

Calgone Body Spray: No repurchase My husband likes to get me spa sets for my stocking at Christmas time and one year he got me this giant set of body spray from Calgone. Half of them I loved and used up quickly, the other half took me forever to get through. This one was suppose to be a ocean sent but really just smelled like an air freshener to me.


  1. I just found your blog on MakeupTalk, and I really like it so far! I'm terrible at finishing products...But like you, I enjoy dollar store cotton rounds :)

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying my blog, thank you for reading. And the dollar store rocks for those thing I go through a ton of :)