Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Greetings! This is a new feature I'm test running to see if I like it enough to make it a weekly feature, so please chime in with your thoughts down below in the comments. Ramblings of a Suburban Mom is one of the few blogs out there I read (go check her out, she does reviews of EVERY subscription program out there) on a daily basis and Jen does a weekly feature called Thursday Thoughts that I've been enjoying and I though you guys might enjoy as well. Basically it is a place for me to talk about what's been on my mind lately, maybe give you a peak into what my life is like and how I go about picking stuff for this blog. This will be the first link-up I've participated in so please excuse me if I make a mistake.

-I can't believe May is almost over, did this month go super quickly for anybody else? Between this blog, my actual job, and the family it is just go go go all the time here it seems.
-I'm working on getting adsense added to this blog, which is turning out to be harder than I thought it would be. Anyone out there have some pointers for me? And what kind of company doesn't have a "contact me" section, seriously? So frustrating.
-All of this nice weather is making me more adventurous in the makeup department I've noticed. Seeing some beautiful emerald eyeshadow in my future I think to go with some red lips. Anybody else stepping outside of their comfort zone?
-My son and I are doing a little veggie garden this year and for once it looks like I've managed to grow something and NOT kill it! Very excited to have some fresh tomatoes later this summer.
-I joined Instagram! Come and find me, I'm BestBeautyForMyBuck. I'll post FOTD (face of the day) posts, product review sneak peaks, and things I draw my inspiration from.

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