Friday, May 30, 2014

How Much Product Should You Use?

Do you ever have a product, like conditioner, that seems to run out waaay to fast? Chances are you're using too much of it, or not enough in the case of sunscreen.Hopefully this handy guide can help you out a bit. Now keep in mind these are averages, so you may need to adjust for your size and hair length.

Shampoo: for shoulder length hair you need about a strawberry sized dollop to completely cover your hair.

Conditioner: for shoulder length hair you only need two raspberry sized dollops. I was surprised by this, I always used waaaaaay to much I guess. Now I have long hair so I do two blackberry sized dollops and I use a wide tooth comb to make sure it's worked all the way through.

Hair Masks: depending on the mask, you will need between a ping pong ball and an egg, but again use a wide tooth comb to work it all the way through.

Sunscreen: if you are just doing your face you need a teaspoon, but if you are doing your whole body then a whole shotglass worth of sunscreen is needed. And of course always apply it at least ten minutes before you go outside so it has a chance to absorb in.

Face serum: you only need a dollop the size of a pea, which is good since serum can be very expensive.

Facial cleanser: you only need about the size of a grape, though this can vary depending on the cleanser of course.

Eye cream: a tiny amount, about the size of a pine nut, is all you need per eye.

Hope this little guide helps you save money by not over using the products. What are you using too much of?

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