Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Product Review: ELF Studio Tinted Lip Balm

My technical problem has been fixed so back to our regularly scheduled (but late) programming, but keep your eye out for an extra post over the next few days to make up for the lateness.

Now that it's finally sunny here is rainy Oregon my beauty routine is switching up a bit. Gone are my dark plum lip glosses, say hello to some tinted lip balm with SPF already built in. During the giant haul of E.L.F. (EyesLipsFace Cosmetics) makeup I purchased back in March, I picked up 3 of their Studio line's Tinted Lip Balm in Clear, Rose, and Peach for $3 each. They have quickly become my favorite lip product from E.L.F. and I think you guys will like them too. Plus with the SPF 15 added in, you can look lovely AND avoid getting sun damaged lips.

First up is the clear, this is my day to day plain lip balm when I want a little bit of moisture. It doesn't really add any shine, which is fine, and as I said there is no color on this one. All of them have a slight mint flavor/scent and give my lips a slight tingling sensation (not to strong though, no burning here!). I like to use this when I'm putting around the house or doing a no makeup or basic makeup day.

Next is the rose one, which is my favorite out of the three. The color is gorgeous and works so well with almost any look I'm doing, though I like it best for when I'm doing soft eyes or a neutral face. I think the color is neutral enough that it would work on everybody.

Lastly is the peach one. This is a tricky color to really pull off, and I'm just finally starting to rock it now that the sunny weather is upon us. Since it's such a warm color, pale complexions might have trouble wearing it without it looking a bit clownish. But if you're darker and warm skinned then this is the summer color for you. Word of advise, make sure you exfoliate your lips before hand, this color will highlight every single crack and chunk of dry skin on your lips. This one comes across much more orange on my lips than it does in the swatch, which is a little weird I think. On my lips it is very close to how it looks in the tube.
All 3 of these are great, though the rose is probably my favorite out of them. Next time I place an order with ELF I'll pick up the other colors for sure. If you use these what is your favorite color?

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