Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend Tips and Tricks

Wow, May sure went by quickly didn't it? This week's tips and tricks will focus on nail polish, enjoy!

Tip #1: Need to remove polish on your toes but your mani looks perfect? Use a tampon instead of a cotton swab. The applicator will keep the acetone well away from your fabulous finger.

Tip #2: Those fancy scrapbooking scissors you have sitting in the closet make creative paint jobs a snap! Use them on tape to make interesting patterns, apply to nails, paint, then remove and voila! An easy yet fancy looking polish job.

Tip #3: Nail polish isn't just for your nails you know. Apply it to keys to help differentiate them at a glance or apply to bobby pins for a pop of color in your hairdo.

Tip #4: Mix some cornstarch into clear nail polish to give you a matte finish top coat without having to pay a fortune.

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