Wednesday, February 17, 2016

ELF Poreless Face Primer

While I'm typically a pro ELF cosmetics person I've been a staunch hater of their face primers. They're gross and greasy and really do nothing for me. But a favorite YouTuber was praising one of their new primers and compared it to a NYX product I've been meaning to try so I swung by my local Target and of course they were out. So I went to the other local Target and they were out. At which point this became some weird thing and now I REALLY wanted to get it so I basically stopped by Target (which granted is on my way home from work) basically every few days until there was finally ONE in stock. I snatched that baby up so fast even my husband was like "what is wrong with you?"

Curious as to what primer I searched almost a whole month for? The new(ish) Poreless Face Primer by ELF. Like all ELF primers this comes in the frosted clear pump with an obnoxious lid that I swear never stays on and always breaks. I get that they're only $6 but come on, can the packaging not fall apart after a week?

There is also significantly less product in there than it looks. The frosted part in an outer tube, if you unscrew it you'll see the tube that actually holds the product is much much smaller. There are only 0.47 oz in it, which is 0.20 oz less than the NYX one. And much less than most high end primers, which typically have 1 oz in them. Price breakdown though this is still the best deal per oz by quite a bit, which makes up for the smaller size. But on the other hand you will run out of this pretty fast. I think after about a month of constant use I had pretty much used the whole bottle. It would be empty now if I wasn't so busy with work and skipping my makeup routine.

As an actual primer this one is pretty good. It does a decent job of filling in my pores and helping my makeup last longer. It goes on really smoothly and makes the skin feel like velvet without feeling like a heavy silicone, which is my only complain about the Smashbox primer that pretty much the whole world loves. There's a slight eucalyptus scent to it as well, but I never notice it on my skin. And the best thing about it is it doesn't break my skin out.

While I do actually really like this product, and you can't beat the $6 price tag, I refuse to order from the ELF website (I could do a WHOLE blog post on the awfulness known as ordering online from them). So until my local Target starts carrying more of them and I can constantly buy more, I'll need to find something else. What primer do you swear by?

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