Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sugar Creek Candle Company

*I received this item free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*

There is something so soothing and pampering about a really nice candle. I love to have one burning on my desk when I'm writing my blog posts, or when I'm taking a pampering spa bath. They just elevate everything, and depending on the scent can make you feel different things. Now I'm way to cheap to pay for Bath and Body Works candles (seriously, why are they so expensive?!?), so I'm always on the lookout for awesome candles that won't break the bank and I think I've found my new favorite ones. Sugar Creek Candle Company is an online based candle shop available through Amazon that offers 100% soy candles in a variety of scents. They were kind enough to send me a 12 oz candle to review on my blog.

I received the scent "Love Spell", which smells like candy and I LOVE it! I really like the sweeter scents or citrus based scents, so this was right up my alley. The candle boast a 75 hour burn time, which is pretty impressive for a 12 oz size. I prefer soy candle like this because they burn clean and there's no soot to clean off the jar. The art on the label is really cute too and feels perfect for Valentine's Day.

The candle itself is a lilac purple shade, which looks really pretty in the glass jar. The jar comes with a lid and is a really nice size so I'll probably save it and use it for something.

There was a small crack in the top of my wax but I really couldn't care less. It still burned just fine which is all I cared about. The wick caught fire easily and so far I haven't had a problem with it. It was melting really evenly till one night when the temperature dropped below freezing, then the side I had by the window didn't melt as quickly as the other sides. But that's a cold spot issue and not an issue with the candle.

I'm really happy with this candle, and for $16.99 with free Prime shipping this will probably become my new go to candle company. They have a ton of different scents available and did a really great job packing it for transport. I'm giving them two thumbs up for sure.

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