Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Most Amazing Acne Cream Ever

*I received this product free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own*

Every once in a while I get sent a product I love so much that it goes straight into my skincare rotation and I actually get so busy using it I forget to blog about it. I've actually had this particular product since like November, so I've had LOTS of time to test it out for you guys. And it has actually replaced a long time favorite it is that good. What product am I talking about? The Keeva Tea Tree Acne Treatment Cream of course.

This small jar is full of the most amazing acne busting cream I've ever used. I've been a huge fan of the ELF Zit Zapper for like 10+ years and this is so good I actually retired my trusty zit zapper. You put a little bit of this cream on whatever acne is threatening to ruin your week and typically by the next day it is significantly reduced if not completely gone. This stuff has been a lifesaver for the last few months, especially when the chemo made my skin go absolutely berserk.

The cream absorbs really well and doesn't leave a weird residue on my skin. It does kind of tingle/get warm for a minute or so after application, but that hasn't bothered me at all. This is more expensive than my usual acne treatments, but since you only use a little bit at a time the jar will last quite a while. I've been using it since November and I've only used maybe a third of it. If you would like to purchase your own jar, you can find it on Amazon for $25 with free Prime shipping.

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