Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fat Busting or Wallet Busting?

*I received this item free for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own*

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last your you've probably heard of/seen/tried one of those "wrap things" that are suppose to take your belly from squishy to sexy. There are a billion different versions out there I swear, and some can only be ordered through consultants ala Pampered Chef or Avon. Now I have nothing against those kinds of jobs (I use to sell Pampered Chef and Adult Only items),  but I'm cranky and don't like people sending me emails about their "super awesome product that you should try for a kajillion dollars!!" so I've never tried any of them. Then someone finally offered me a pack for free to try and I went "Hey, why not?" I'll try anything once, especially if it gets sent to me and won't make my bank account sadder than it already is.

The Slimmin Suzie Volcanic Clay Home Spa Kit can be purchased on Amazon, which is a major plus for those of us who don't always like interacting with other people or want a return policy in place in case they really don't like it. The kit comes with two large ace bandages and 8 packs of the clay powder. Normally there is also an instruction booklet but there was a mix up at the factory and a whole batch of them didn't get put in. The owner, who seems really nice, is releasing an eBook of the instructions for those who may receive one of the messed up batches. The only thing you need at home is plastic wrap and water basically.

The gist is you mix the powder with water to form a thicker paste, spread it onto the desired area, wrap it in plastic, then wrap it again in the ace bandages. Then you chill for like an hour, which is a great time to do a facial mask as well or maybe a mani/pedi. Now you rinse it all off and behold the results! Pretty straight forward no? But does it actually do anything?

This is my before picture, which I'm cringing at and may regret putting on the Internet. One of the fun side effects of chemo that I'm still battling is this weird stomach bloat issue. I swear some morning I wake up and look like I'm 6 months pregnant, it's awful. So I'm REALLY wanting to find something to help deal with that, since diet and exercise isn't really going to help.

And these are my after pictures. When I first looked it the mirror I wasn't impressed at all to be truthful. I couldn't tell any difference at all and when you see all these "miraculous results" pictures you kind of expect a big reveal. But looking at the before and afterwards side by side like this I can see some difference. Keep in mind this is only one application, I assume if I do all 8 over a week or two I'd see a bunch of results. But I can see some slimming down and tightening of the skin.

It was an interesting experience for sure, and I'll do all 8 treatments over the rest of the month to see just how much of a difference this will make. Do I think these kinds of things are the quick fix they are marketed as? No. But I think they can help you if you have a lot of water weight issues or bloating. But who knows, I could wake up to a flat stomach and some rocking curves. If you want to try this set out for yourself you can purchase it here for $45.99 with free Prime shipping.

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