Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 2014 Ipsy Bag Review

I don't know what was up with Ipsy this month, but I just got this bag a few days ago. It seems to me that my bags are coming later and later each month, combine that with the super slow DHL shipping and I'm not getting bags till the very last minute. For those who don't know Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription program. Each month they send you 4-5 deluxe or full sized beauty products, typically makeup, in a makeup bag for only $10! It's a great deal and a nice way to expand your makeup collection while stepping outside of your normal buying routine. Some months are really great while others are terrible and make me consider cancelling my subscription. After last month's troubles I needed this bag to hit it out of the ballpark and it barely bunted it this time.

 This month's theme was Sensationally Sunkissed, a great theme for a July bag I thought. The bag this month was a hot pink pleather bag with a scalloped edge, much cuter in person than any of the photos I'd seen. I'm using it to hold my hair ties in my bathroom right now, but I may sway it with my stuff bag (meds, bandaids, kleenex, ect) that I keep in my purse later. I wish they had bedazzled it or something though, just plain pink was a little bland for my taste.

This month everybody received a BareMinerals eyeshadow, either a cream shadow or a mini palette with 2 colors. I received the cream shadow in the shade barely nude, and I'm super disappointing with it. First, it's tiny as you can see in the picture. Like the size of my pinky tiny. Luckily a little goes a long ways so this should last a bit longer than I originally thought. My biggest issue with it was the color they sent me.

As you can see it is very close to my natural skin tone, so much so that once I blended it out it completely disappeared. The blended out bit is to the left of the straight swatch, can you see it? If it wasn't for the little bit of shimmer in it I could use it for concealer. BareMinerals claims it has all these benefits and is smudge proof, which I'm going to have to disagree with. I wore it to work (I teach Taekwondo) and by the end of the day it was creased and not looking so great. At least you could barely see it. I guess if you weren't being super active it would be fine, but I won't be calling it smudge proof. This is going into my makeup bag to use as a primer for my shadow when I'm on the go. I just wish they'd sent me the deep wine purple I've seen other people receiving. This item was 0.03 oz, giving it a value of $5.40, a full size is 0.10 oz and $18.

May was all about sun safety so I was a little disappointed to see tanning oil in my July bag. Especially since I'm already a darker complexion so I'm confused as to why I got a tanning oil. Add in that this contained coconut oil, which I'm deathly allergic to, and this item was a complete bust for me. This has gone straight into the swap box, hopefully I'll find someone who wants it. This item was 1 fluid oz, giving it a value of about $1.50, a full sized is 8 fluid oz and is $11.99.

I also received a Pop Beauty sunkissed bronzer, which is a nice dark bronzer with no real shimmer. I haven't opened it since I have 3 bronzers already open (I might have a problem, should I join bronzer anonymous?) but it looks like a nice one and I haven't heard any horrible reviews yet. I'm adding this to the swap box, but if I didn't already have a ton of bronzers open I'd use this in a heart beat. This is a full sized item at 0.25 oz and has a value of $10.

I have very long hair, so any sort of deep conditioner or hair mask makes me super happy! I hadn't heard of this brand before, but it's suppose to help with any split ends so I'm excited to try it later. It smells great too which is a plus. It isn't a very big sample, I'll probably only get two or three uses out of it due to my hair length. It is 1 fluid oz, giving it a value of $5.99, the website lists this as a size you can buy so I'll call it travel sized instead of a deluxe sample. Edit: This isn't a conditioner at all, it's to help get rid of split ends. I apparently need to actually read the packages.

The last item I received was the Elizabeth Mott Tints and Sass cheek and lip stain in Cherry. I was very excited to get this item, cheek stains are my favorite during these hot summer months. This is actually scented like cherries, well like cherry medicine but it still smells nice. The gel formula is nice and spreads easily without dripping all over the place. I found it easier to blend than the Lollitint I received back in April, and I think the color is nice once you blend it out. I have not tried it on my lips yet, but I have a red lip stain I already love so I probably won't use it on my lips.

As you can see a straight swatch is very pigmented but it blended out wonderfully into a nice rosy color. I'm really happy I received this and it will definitely make it into my daily blush rotation for sure. This was also a full sized item, 0.35 fluid oz, and has a value of $22.99! That's over twice the value of the bag right there, so I'm doubly glad I liked it so much.

All total my July bag came to a total of $45.88! That's a huge value for the bag since it was only $10 to purchase it. If I added up the total of what I actually liked my value drops down quite a bit to $28. 98, which is still well over the value of the bag. I'm giving Ipsy one more month then I'll make the call whether to keep it or drop it and sign up for Birchbox (which I may sign up for no matter what). If you received an Ipsy bag in July what were your thoughts on it?

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