Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekend Tips and Tricks

Wow, it feels like forever since I had to come up with some great tips for you guys! Hopefully these are well worth the wait.

Tip #1: Hands or feet extra dry? Apply either a n extra thick lotion or some Vaseline before bedtime then place cotton gloves/socks over your hands/feet. Come morning they will be soft, hydrated, and looking better than ever!

Tip#2: Have a foil sample of a product that should last you more than one use but you're afraid you'll spill it once it's open? Use a binder clip to keep it shut or place the liquid into a travel sized container. Voila! No more spilling!

Tip #3:  Want to use a fake tanning product but afraid of making a mess of it? Use a tanning mitt to help apply it evenly without ending up with orange hands. Mixing the tanning lotion with lotion can help you apply it evenly as well and help keep it from getting to dark. But if you are really worried about it I suggest you look into going to a professional to apply it for you.

Tip #4: Want to practice a new makeup look but afraid of leaving your house if it looks bad? Practice at night before you go to bed. That way if it really sucks you're going to wash your face anyways so no added hassle.

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