Friday, August 14, 2015

Nicole Richie Guest Collaborator August 2015 Birchbox

August is the month for Birchbox, with not only the regular Birchbox, but a killer guest box and two CEW boxes debuting as well. As a subscriber I had the option to get a regular Birchbox AND buy the guest collaborator box for an additional $10, which I of course did. I really wanted to try some of the products in the guest box and $10 was a steal (that I used points on, so I actually paid $0), so I opted in. That box shipped before August even started if I remember correctly, I know I received it like a week or so ago after the standard 7ish days of shipping. Let's dig into this box shall we?

First, it was a pretty box for sure this month, though it felt more spring than end of summer to me. Nicole Richie has some new reality show going on, Candidly Nicole if I remember correctly, so obviously using Birchbox to help advertise her show was a smart move. Am I going to watch the show? No, I'm pretty specific in what I watch when I do actually watch TV (Netflix for life), so nothing about the show appeals to me. But I do think she has a great sense of style now and am excited to see what she picked.

Since this was a guest collaborator box I already knew what I was getting, though supposedly there were different colors for the nail polish. This box has two skin care items, a hair care item, a makeup item, and one nail polish. I like mixes like this, I have so much makeup right now that a skin care or hair care heavy box is more in line with what I want.  Nothing was full sized, which is always a bummer, but at first look everything is a good size. And let's be honest, the smaller sized items are easier to travel with and actually finish up. I've got a 4 day trip coming up soon so I'm really looking at travel sized items since luggage space will be tiny.

First up is one of the items that sold me on the box. I love Dr Brandt products and I love facial exfoliants, so a microdermabrasion from Dr Brandt is a match made in heaven for me. Since a little goes a long way with products like this I'll get at least a month of use out of this, which is fabulous. I've used it twice already and I love the fresh citrus scent and it feels great on my face. If you like the Vasanti microdermabrasion you'll like this for sure. And if you are on a budget like I am, check your local Marshall's. I've seen lots of Dr Brandt items there for $10-$15 off, which is a great savings.

This is a hair smoothing cream to use when you blow dry your hair, which would be great for most people but I almost never blow dry my hair. Especially right now with the chemo making my hair fall out I really don't want to do anything damaging to it. So I haven't tested this out and I may actually pass this on to a friend who does blow dry often.

This was the other item that convinced me that I needed to get this box. Laqa & Co has been on my list to try for the last year, they make a ton of awesome lip crayons, which is one of my favorite lip products. SO when they released a line of cheek and lip crayons AND one was in this box I was ecstatic. For some reason I did not take any swatch pictures but it was actually really close to the color of the container.

I will admit nothing makes me crankier than when a company gives me a big package with a teenie amount of product in it. Either give me an amount proportionate to the case or shrink the packaging. That crankiness aside I really liked this as a cheek color. It gave me a great flushed look, applied smoothly, blended well, and seemed to last. I didn't like it as a lip color, but I've been battling some chapped lips so I really should give it another try once I've won that battle. I will probably get the complete set of all 3 colors since I love the ease of this product.

My picture does not do this polish justice, it is such a pretty new penny color with like teenie tiny silver micro glitter in it. I did my nails, my toes, my spawn's toes, and have lent it out to a friend already. It's one of the new OPI Venice colors, which the whole line is gorgeous to be honest. I will so be picking up the rest of the line once OPI goes on sale at Ulta. And how cute is that tiny little bottle? So adorable! And my first polish in a subscription box! According to my husband I don't "need" any more polish, but come one. You all know I need more.

This is another new product, this time by St Tropez. They are a tanning product company and this is their new in shower tanning lotion, which is such a neat concept. The only problem is I'm super tan normally so I really have no need for a bottle of self tanner. But the in shower bit is so cool, I may save this for winter when I get a wee bit paler. Or I'll pass it onto a pale friend in need.

Overall I thought this was a great box with a really nice mix of products. Most people would be able to use all of the products, which makes it a nice safe box to send to people. I liked everything I got, even if it is something I can't use right now like the tanning lotion and the hair cream. The Dr Brandt and the OPI polish are my total faves from the box, and I do like the Laqa cheek crayon, so I feel like I got my $10 out of the box for sure. If you got this box what did you think of it?

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