Sunday, August 23, 2015

NYX Eyebrow Gel

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, does that make your eyebrows the frame? Well groomed and filled eyebrows can really bring your look up a notch and bring it all together. And since my eyebrows started falling out (thanks Lupron), what I fill my brows in with has before much more important to me than usual. I need something that looks natural, applies easily, lasts throughout the day, and is affordable. Has NYX made a product that is the answer to my prayers? Let's find out.

The NYX Eyebrow Gel is a creamy gel based eyebrow product designed to fill in your brows and keep them looking great throughout the day. It comes in several different shades, ranging from blond to almost black, though I don't remember seeing anything red tinged when I bought mine. I have pretty dark brows and darker brown hair, so the shade Brunette was the perfect shade for me. It comes in a little squeeze tube, and while the 0.34 oz tube seems tiny I found that a little goes a loooong ways and I doubt I'll finish it before it goes bad. I can easily do both brows with a drop the size of a grain of rice and still have some left over. Since it's a creamy gel you'll need to apply it with a brush, I find a small angled brush the easiest to use.

Once this product sets it SETS and will have to be scrubbed off at the end of the day. I've worn this in 100 degree weather to go teach Taekwondo all day and not had it fade at all. I'm pretty sure I could swim the English Channel and my brows would still look good. This lasts 10x better than anything else I've ever tried, I'm so impressed. These are $6.99 at Ulta, which I think is a pretty reasonable price. Add in how often NYX products are on sale and you can get this for just a few dollars. I got mine during a buy one get one 50% off sale with some other items, which is actually the sale going on right now (as of this writing) at Ulta. I'm elevating this to Holy Grail status and will only be using this from now on.


  1. So glad you found a product to help your skin/beauty routine while going through health treatments ( I have experienced with this due Crohn's Disease..not cool!) Hope you feel better in the process!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    1. Thank you, sorry to hear you have gone through something similar. I hope you are doing well.