Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I can't believe it's already Thursday, I think I only managed to get two posts up in the last week so it's like Monday for my blog. But since it is actually Thursday I'm linking up with Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts Link Up.

So this is week 3 of being on the Lupron and things have gone downhill fast, which is why my posting this week has been abysmal. Starting Saturday night I was back to throwing up and being super sick to my stomach ALL the time. The bone and joint pain has increased enough to where Monday I literally needed help getting out of bed. I have a good day every once in a while but for the most part I walk around like an old lady for the first few hours after getting up. My hair loss has increased enough that I have an actual bald spot, which is luckily by my temple so easy enough to hide. But I'm pretty sure if the hair loss doesn't slow down I'll be bald before the end of September, which is a pretty depressing thought. My long hair is important to me, so watching it just fall out like this has been extra hard. I've also lost about a third of each of my eyebrows, which is both hilarious and depressing. Guess I don't have to worry about plucking them anymore. And in case this wasn't enough to deal with my hormones have crashed and I'm pretty not ok right now. I spend a good amount of time crying everyday, which isn't healthy from a mental health standpoint. Next week should be my next injection and I'm hoping things will level out a bit or at least not get any worst. The Lupron had better work after all of this, otherwise I'm gonna be pissed!

On a less depressing note, all 4 of my Birchboxes have arrived! The guest contributor box will go up tomorrow, with the rest of them either over the weekend or the beginning of the week. There were things I liked about all of the boxes, and getting so many new to me products to try all at once has really lifted my spirits. There's a reason retail therapy is a things guys. I don't have a favorite out of the four yet, but I think the two CEW boxes are pretty dang sweet and I'm so glad I got them. The actual boxes themselves from the CEW boxes are really plain and boring compared to the two actual Birchboxes this month, so I will either give them to my son to store stuff in or make something craft out of them.

We need to take a vote here. Can you tell a difference between the two legs in the picture? One of them has a leg makeup I'm testing and Instagram swears there's a difference but I can't see it. So I'm putting it to a vote, can you see a difference? Which leg has the makeup/tanner on it? Do I need new glasses? Or in Instagram being ridiculous. I feel like this is that stupid blue and black dress all over again. And yet, the dress was blue and black, NOT white and gold.

Do you guys pay attention to the ingredients in your facial products? I always check for coconut, but outside of that I haven't really cared. Well there's been a big hurrah over these Cetaphil wipes that were in one of the CEW boxes over the ingredients listed. Supposedly they are really bad for your skin and so not gentle like the packaging says. I haven't tested these yet (almost done with a pack of my usual wipes), but a lot of people are really upset about these. I remember a similar deal going down last year with a set of the Yes To wipes (grapefruit maybe?). Makes me wonder if some of the products I love are doing more harm than good for my skin. What are your thoughts on the ingredient matter?

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