Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July 2015 Empties

Wow, am I late on posting this! Sorry guys, the weekend left me drained and I really am struggling to find the energy to do everything I need to do at home and this blog right now. Hopefully after injection number 2 in a few weeks I'll start to feel better and get my energy back, but for right now I'm just wiped. Anyways, let's talk trash. I had like 24 empties for July, which is pretty darn impressive! There were a lot of repeats and things I really don't feel like talking about so I'm just going to talk about a hand full of items this time. Maybe for August I'll do a video instead, getting my video space all set up actually, just need to get a tripod now and maybe an external light. But that's a conversation for later, onto my empties!

That is a mighty fine pile of trash if I do say so. A lot of makeup was finished in July, which is always exciting, especially when it's things like lipstick and eyeshadow. I've been attempting to finish up all my extra hair stuff so I'm glad to see a few bottles in the pile.

Of this picture nothing is really a repurchase except maybe the brush. I love the ELF studio brushes but they always fall apart after a year. For $3 they are a great price but it gets annoying to have them pop apart mid-use all the time. The sunscreen is a hubby favorite, I find it to greasy for my skin but I'm sure I'll buy more of it anyways. The Marcelle BB cream was crazy heavy for a BB cream, made my face look cakey and awful. I had to mix it with my Maybelline BB cream just to wear it. The last items, the brush shampoo and the face wash, were alright but just didn't make the cut.

I love love love the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, I've already got a new one I'm using. For just a few bucks you really can't beat them, especially if you have oily skin like I do. The eyeliner was a basic brown one and while I liked the formula I hate the Pacifica brand due to their insistence on putting coconut in EVERYTHING. Seriously, why does eyeshadow need coconut infused into it?!? That Real Chemistry peel was ah-mazing! I'll be buying a full sized bottle of it next time I have extra money to spend, seriously nothing else has made my skin look and feel as good as that did. A+ product. The two eyeshadows were from my ginormous ELF palette that I'm working my way through. One was a lovely plum and the other was a greyish color. The pink mascara is by Essence and is my cheap holy grail mascara. It was like $5 and worked so much better than 90% of the other mascaras I've tried over the years. The only one I like better is the Urban Decay Perversion one, which is $22. I'll probably pick another tube up once I finish testing a few other mascaras I've acquired lately. And lastly is my project pan lipstick. It's gone bad and was starting to give me a reaction, so I'm calling it done for my health and safety. There's maybe half an inch left so I'm pretty happy with how much I actually used up.

Keeping track of my empties like this really lets me know what I'm using up and what I really shouldn't hoard anymore (like lotion, I really need to stop buying lotion). Setting goals either here in my empties or by doing a project pan really helps me to focus on using stuff up before it goes bad. And we all know I have more than enough makeup to last me a lifetime. My goal for August is to finish up the lip balm from my project pan and a whole lot more hair stuff. Anything past that is just icing on my bronzer covered cake.

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