Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Empties

End of the month means it is time to look back at what I finished and whether or not they were awful or awesome. What a weird job is this that I write about my trash once a month? And that this is one of my favorite monthly posts? So very strange. I didn't have a ton of empties this month, which is fine. Every month can't be empties heaven I guess. I suspect April will have a ton of empties though, it seems like I have a ton of items almost empty right now.

13 empties total, mainly skin care stuff this month. The breakdown is: 3 tools, 2 makeup, 1 hair, 6 skin care, and 1 other. Looking at that tiny little pile makes me think maybe I was slacking on using things in March, which may be why I haven't made a ton of Project Pan progress. This may also be the reason why my face has been a bit broken out, I think I really just ignored everything. Well, let's dig in and see what I thought.

Elizabeth Motts It's So Big Mascara: (Not Repurchasing) This isn't a bad mascara at all, but it for sure wasn't worth the price of a full size tube. If I found it on sale I'd get it again but other than that I would pass.

COTZ Tinted Sunscreen: (Not Repurchasing) This stuff actually made me grumpy. It is mud colored but is suppose to blend transparent, which is total bullshit. If I really paid attention while applying it I just looked tan, but if I just rubbed it on I looked like a blotchy mess. It was really greasy too, I would never buy a full sized one.

Kirkland Facial Wipes: (Purchase) These are a standard item I always get, you know I love it them by now.

Peppermint Body Lotion: (Not Repurchase) I received an obscene amount of lotion for Christmas so even if I did love this scent, which was alright but not great, I still wouldn't buy anymore. This isn't actually empty, I put the last little bit into one of my travel bottles, but that is almost out too.

Freeman Charcoal Black Sugar Mask: (Purchase) This is my holy grail item, and I've already bought another one. This stuff is the only reason my skin ever looks as good as it does. Holy Grail Item.

Coppertone Sunscreen: (Not Repurchase) I am a little pissed off at this stuff, it went bad in under a year. It is a nasty, congealed, separated mess now. Sunscreen should last longer than that I feel like. Very annoyed. I actually liked it before this, but I live in a place that rarely sees the sun let alone have enough sun I need sunscreen on my body (which is hiding under 3 layers of clothing).

Nivea in Shower Lotion: (Not Purchasing) This was a free sample I got from Pinch Me and while everybody else loved it I hated it. Left a residue on my skin that I didn't like and I developed a rash from it. And yes, I did wash it off just like the directions stated. Just not right for me.

Mary Kay Soothing Eye Gel: (Maybe Purchase) The only item from my current Project Pan this month. I really like this eye gel for allergy season, but it is a little pricey. And I own so many eye creams it would be ridiculous to buy another jar. But I may purchase a new one once the rest of my hoard is used up.

Colgate Toothpaste: (Not Purchasing) Did you guys know toothpaste expires? Oops.....that was a gross discovery. This is why you shouldn't buy a big pack at Costco, forget you bought it, then buy a second pack. Anyways, I'm going to switch over to a toothpaste that's totally free of coconut and coconut derived stuff so my mouth won't hurt every time I brush my teeth.

Beauty Protector Spray: (Purchase) I recently talked about how much I love this stuff so I won't get into it again, but I love this stuff and can't go a day without it.

Bath Poof: (Purchase) I actually buy a new one every quarter, but I stuck this in my empties this time to show you guys what I like to use for my soaps. Bath poofs will take a crappy non-lathering soap and turn it into a luxurious foam. I always get these at the Dollar Store, everywhere else they are fifty cents more expensive at least.

Cotton Pads: (Purchase) These are a standard item in my empties as you guys probably know by now. Though it felt like I went through this pack faster than I normally do.

Dollar Shave Club Razor: (Not Purchasing) We recently made the switch from Dollar Shave to Harry's (review coming soon), so the handle is getting tossed. Dollar Shave Club isn't bad at all, I really liked them but they weren't a good fit for my husband.

So that's all my glorious trash, see anything interesting? I really want to have a massive bag full in April, so I'm going to really strive to finish things up. Plus I'm getting a TON of stuff in April and May so I really need to make some room or I'll completely take over my apartment with my hoard of items.

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