Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Its Thursday and you know what that means! Time for my weekly link up with Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts. Shall we get started?

My birthday (and my son's) is this Saturday! While I'm not excited to be another year older I am excited for my birthday freebies this year. The Nars lip crayons from Sephora look so nice, can't wait to get my hands on those. I finally found out what Ulta's April/May/Jun gift is, a travel sized Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in the shade Voodoo! Super happy about that! Though I haven't gotten any of the actual certificates yet, which is a bit odd. Last year they all came in that first week of April, so I'm a bit nervous that something has gone wrong. I will update you guys next week on how everything worked out.

My Birchbox came yesterday, which is a new record for how quickly it arrived. It was not only shipped before Easter but it only took 6 days instead of the usual 10 to get to me. I'm super impressed by that, more than makes up for the slow shipping the last two months due to weather. And can we talk about how pretty this box is? Wouldn't that be pretty wallpaper on just one wall of a vanity room? This is the NY Mad Men box, which is my first curated box. Expect a review sometime next week.

I'll be doing a largish haul from Ulta this month and maybe an actual Sephora haul (teenie one, Sephora is a bit expensive) as well. I keep saying to myself that I need to finish stuff before I buy more stuff but I'm weak willed and need some of the new stuff that's come out lately. Like the new Freeman masks and that NYX contour palette. I can survive off of lipstick right?

Speaking of buying stuff at Ulta, I'm dying my hair again this month. The last color was gorgeous but faded super fast, so I'll be picking a different brand this time. And maybe a redder color. Wonder if I can get away with blood red at work.

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