Friday, April 3, 2015

Massive NYX Round Case Lipstick Review and Swatches

I love lipstick. Lipstick is one of those magical makeup items that instantly makes me feel and look better. It is really hard not to feel powerful and sexy in my favorite red. As a result, I own a ton of lipstick and am constantly buying more, much to the annoyance of my husband who seems to think he should get bathroom space too. NYX is a company I actually hadn't really investigated previous to the giant haul of lipsticks I'm about to review (if you want to see swatches on my lips, follow my Instagram where I'll be posting a few pictures a day), which is weird since they are such an affordable company you think I'd own every single product. I may own all of their products eventually though, I've fallen completely in love with the company. These lipsticks were only $3.99 each, which is the perfect price point for me, and Ulta almost always has a NYX sale going on so I actually got all 10 lipsticks for under $20.

These three are some of my favorites out of the ten I bought. The order goes from left to right so the first swatch is Violet Ray, a nice a vampy reddish color. This may be my favorite out of all of them, it looks so nice on me and is a fabulous Fall/Winter color. The middle swatch is Chloe, a bright pink with a blue sheen to it. The picture does not do it justice you guys, it is so pretty and multidimensional in real life. This is my "pick me up" color when I really look tired and beat up. The last shade is Snow White, a darker red that borders on being a brick red. This is in a tie with Violet Ray as my favorite color, it might just be the perfect red for me. Not to bright, not to yellow, it is definitely something Snow White would have worn.

These three are what I'm calling my Spring/Summer colors. They don't really work for dreary Oregon weather but by mid-May I'll be rocking these everyday. First up on the left we have Margarita, a frosted pinkish coral. If I had to pick a least favorite out of the set this would be it, the frosted finish doesn't quite do it for me, though I don't hate it. Just not a favorite. The middle swatch is Blush, a pretty but fairly basic pink. If you just want a plain, non-shimmery pink this is a good one for you. And lastly on the right, we have Rose, a bright shimmery coral color. This is the quintessential Summer color, I can see myself wearing it quite often.

These I actually had to double check I hadn't bought two of the same color when I first swatched them. They are so close that I'd call them a dupe for each other. Chaos is pinker in the tube, whereas Chic Red looks like a straight red. Both have the same satin finish as well. A little disappointed in NYX for having two shades that close, but when you offer as many shades as they do you are bound to get some close dupes.

If you were alive in the late 90's to early 2000's you may recognize the shade on the left as being a super popular color produced by Wet and Wild. I use to wear that shade all the time so when I saw that NYX had a frosted lilac color I had to snag it up for nostalgia purposes. Castle is such a teenage me color, I love it more than I'm willing to admit. B52 is a bit more muted than it looks in the picture, I'd call it a close dupe to the Kylie Jenner lip color everyone went bat shit over last month. I like that its a nice neutral color I can wear with almost any look I want. I wear it quite a bit to work on days I'm digging a low maintenance makeup look.

Overall I've really liked all of the lipsticks I purchased from NYX. If I had to list one complaint it would be the overly strong scent that some of the frosted shades have. All of the lipsticks are scented, kind of a perfumed flower sort of scent, but the frosted ones seems to be much stronger than the other finishes, but that isn't a deal breaker for me. If you are looking to expand your lipstick collection but have a small budget like I do then I highly recommend this line of lipsticks. At $3.99 a piece you can afford to get two or ten. Which of these shades was your favorite?

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