Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Finally April, my favorite month! And it is also the first Thursday which means it is time for my weekly link up with Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts Link Up. Shall we get started?

April is the best month ever because its my Birthday Month! I'll be turning a year older than I already am (what, you really think I'm going to tell you how old I am?) this year. My son was born on my birthday so that makes my birthday even more special. I'm already getting emails with birthday freebies in it, I'll do a big round up of all of them later this month for sure.

Did anyone do a good prank or get pranked really good this year? I made "chocolate balls" for my boss that were actually cotton balls dipped in chocolate. It was pretty hilarious. Some of the cosmetic companies I follow on Instagram did some good pranks this year, loved the NYX Unibrow one and the Benefit's Miss Cleo gag. Were there any good ones I missed? What was your favorite?

Sometimes I like to challenge myself with makeup or skin care things. Like one month I did a face mask every day and in March I used a different shade of lipstick every day that I actually wore lipstick. I think most people are like me and have favorites they reach for over and over again. So actually using different colors was difficult sometimes when I really just wanted to wear my favorite red instead. I did find some products I may toss since I really don't like them, so this ended up being a good exercise for me. 

I actually managed to snag one of the curated boxes from Birchbox this month, I'm so excited! I got the New York box, which is full of products I really wanted to try like the Cargo waterproof blush. I live on the West Coast and an not Ace (yet) so I'm normally in the last group to get the choice emails. I have no idea how I actually managed to get it but I got the confirmation email so I'm holding Birchbox to it. The actual Birchbox should arrive after my birthday, can't wait.

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