Friday, September 25, 2015

Alpha-Keeper Money Belt and RFID Blocking Card Sleeves

*I received this free for testing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*

Travelling can be one of the most rewarding experiences out there, but can also be incredibly stressful and can open you up to vulnerabilities you may not have thought about. Depending on where you are going, things like personal safety or financial safety should be a top priority. I was actually pick pocketed once and ended up losing my passport, which was not only upsetting but made me feel pretty unsafe in my surroundings. While a money belt may sound like that lame thing your great aunt wore to Vegas, the modern and sleek one by Alpha-Keeper is quite different.

The dark grey color and streamlined design gives it some visual appeal, while the soft material, padded back, and elastic strap make it a comfortable piece of travel must have. Designed to go around your waist under you pants, this allows you to always have money, passports, and personal identification or credit cards right with you. And the button release on the strap means no one can just yank it off of you in the event it is noticed.

There are two pockets, a large one and a smaller one. The large one has two mesh pockets on the inside, perfect for holding cards, cash, or your passport. The other pocket can also hold cash or cards. Obviously the more you put in the pockets the heavier and bulkier it will get, but there is quite a bit of room if you do want to carry a lot of stuff. I may use this while jogging to hold my ID, some cash, and my house key.

As far as comfort goes, you will notice you are wearing something but it honestly isn't any worst than wearing pants. Part of it will depend on what you place in it obviously, when it's empty it bends and conforms nicely to my body. The back mess pad, which is also a pocket, helps a lot with the comfort issue. The mesh helped keep it from getting super hot against my skin, but I imagine if it was 100 degree out you'd get pretty sweaty there.

As an added bonus this comes with 5 (I know there are only 4 pictured, one was hiding under my keyboard and I forgot about it) credit card sized RFID blocking sleeves and a passport sized one as well. Thieves are getting smarter and smarter and with the ability to just tap your card or have your passport scanned instead of manually stamped means other people can use the same technology to steal your info. I'll be using these all the time to protect my card info, even when I'm not travelling. I think they were a great add on and really fit the theme of travel safety.

Overall I really like the Alpha-Keeper money belt. It's comfortable, very adjustable, practical, and isn't super ugly (which I know is shallow but it does matter). They really thought of what the average traveler would need and strove to create a product to help with that. And for $17.89 with free Prime shipping, I think it's a great deal. We're hoping to travel more next summer so I know I'll be using the snot out of this, or even next time we go to the zoo or a museum and I don't want to carry my whole bag.

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