Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Hello Thursday, we meet again. I'm just going to dive right in since I have a ton to talk about. So as per my usual I'm linking up wit Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts.

I'm continuing to make changes to the blog, some small enough you guys won't notice them, and some pretty in your face. What do you just think of them so far? Anything you super love or hate? I'm always open to feedback so please let me know. Or if I accidentally broke a link or 4.

I love to do face painting, especially Halloween themed stuff. This was just a quick stitched up look inspired by an artist on Instagram using just some makeup I had sitting around. But with Halloween coming up, would you guys like some face painting tutorials? Or at least how to do this and the cracked face I did a few months ago. Maybe I'll recruit a friend to be the model for it.

So of all the items that were in my hair/skin care Project Pan, the only thing left is the lip scrub. That's some seriously good progress for not even a full month. And the scrub has maybe 4 uses left. I'm super happy with my progress this time, last year I did ok but I think this year I will smoke it. I'll be adding new skincare items for October, might as well try to get through my mountain of lotions and creams.

Remember those imPRESS Manicure Nails I reviewed the other week? They're still on for the most part. One fell off the next day (I probably did a crappy job putting it on), but other than that the only ones that are off are ones I removed. These have gone the mile and then some, so I'm even more impressed (hahahaha the pun!) than I was before. I do need to try and take them off the correct way at some point, but I'm super happy with them.

Friday was my third injection, so I'm feeling pretty crappy right now. Hoping this is the injection that finally tips the scales and I start to get better. I had 4 different Doctor appointments last week, so I'm obviously not doing well. At this point I'm medicating for the side effects of my medicine. Add in the cold I picked up and I feel awful. I would like nothing more than to crawl into bed and stay there for the next few weeks. But I'm halfway done with the chemo now, so that's a positive thing.

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