Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I'm a couple hours late on this week's Thursday Thoughts thanks to a rough night turning into a rough morning. But better late than never I guess. So as per my usual I'm linking up with Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her weekly Thursday Thoughts Link Up.

So someone broke into my car last night, smashed the driver's side window to steal my $10 phone charger. Seriously, that's the only thing missing from the car. My theory is my husband (who leaves for work at 3 AM) scared them off before they could steal the whole car. But $165 later we have a non-broken window and no Birthday vacation for my husband. Not a great start to the day for sure.

My big Project Pan has been going really well so far. All but 3 things from the skin and hair care basket is done and I've finished a few items out of the makeup box. I may actually get everything done, which is pretty exciting! I'll do a post at the end of each month detailing my progress and how I'm feeling about stuff, but I know some of you were curious as to how it was going so far. Who else is doing a Project Pan right now? Feel free to put a link in my comments about it so we can check it out and cheer you on.

As you can see I've experienced some significant hair loss so far from the Lupron, to the point where I can't really hide it anymore. I take my next dose next week, so I'll probably shave my head sometime that weekend. No point in keeping half a head of hair. I have pretty mixed feeling about the great shave, on one hand I'll be glad to be done with the hair loss for a bit, but on the other hand my hair means a lot to me and I've been growing it out for 4 years now. The tips go down to my butt, so there's a lot of length going on right now.

On a blog related note, I'm doing some changes to how the actual site looks and functions in an attempt to make everything run smoother and boost my readership. One change you may have noticed already was a pop up box asking for your email. I'd like to start doing a monthly newsletter and I haven't been happy with the post subscription service I was using before. So I'm trying new things and hopefully it will all work out the way I have planned. If you stumble across something that doesn't work or you REALLY hate it, please let me know.

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