Monday, September 28, 2015

Cornucopia Brand Cobalt Blue Glass Spray Bottles

*I received these free for testing and reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*

If you've been reading this blog for a while you know that I'm really into making beauty and skincare items at home. Not only is it more economic, but I can fine tune my products for my specific skin concerns. One of the things I like to make is cotton pads presoaked in my homemade toner, so all I'd need to do is pull one out of the jar and rub it on my face. Well this summer I was introduced to spray on toners, which I really liked. And for that, you need a spray bottle.

Cornucopia is a brand I've reviewed and liked before, so I excited to try another product by them. These blue glass bottles each hold 2 ounces, making them the perfect size to hold homemade toner, essential oil sprays, perfume, or air freshener. The glasses are thick and well made, not one out of the four in the set arrived damaged. Each bottle come with it's own spray attachment and cap, so you could travel with these if you wanted too.

The cobalt blue color is stunning, and I actually have a little collection of glass bottles in this color so they already match my bathroom decor. They don't come with labels but I prefer to make and design my own anyways. These filled with something wonderful and handmade would be a perfect holiday gift for the skincare lover on your list too.

I really like these and they are perfect for the project I have in mind. The price was good too, only $7.99 plus shipping. They are currently out of stock but when they come back in I'll update this with a link to the product page. If you are looking for well made glass spray bottles these are what I would recommend.

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