Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 2015 Empties

New month means new pile of trash to sort through and see what was garbage and what was gold. Plus, these posts make me feel better about buying new stuff. These are proof that I'm actually using stuff up. See honey, I'm not a hoarder! Hoarders don't use up stuff. So there! Anyways, let's dig in!

Now not all of these are actually empty, a couple of items were just awful and needed to be tosses. I'll divide this post into things I always repurchase, things I loved, things I'm meh about, and things that should be purged off the face of the planet. 22 items this month, so not actually a bad month overall as far as empties are concerned.

You should all know by now that I love my Kirkland wipes, Beauty Protector spray, and the Clean Freak shampoo/conditioner is my new holy grail. Seriously, these are all amazing. Go check them out.

Ah, my items that I was sad to see go. The Maybelline Dream BB Cream is awesome and so affordable. I bought a new tube when I had a week left, so you know this one is a keeper. And for under $10 it is two cheap thumbs up! The Vasanti BrightenUp! is my favorite but expensive face scrub. If I ever become an unpoor beauty blogger this is #1 on my list of things to buy a full size of. And #2 on my list of things to buy when I'm not so poor is the Supergoop! CC Cream. It gave me such a nice matte finish and my face just looked so nice. But alas it is more than I'm willing to pay right now for a foundation. Lastly is my beloved Eyeko liquid eyeliner pen, which lasted soooo long I'm seriously amazed. And I may actually buy another one if my cheap dupe testing doesn't pan out. But at like $14 it is a bit more than I want to spend right now on an eyeliner.

Queen Helene has been around forever and it's just kind of meh to me now. Teenager me loved this company but I'm just super bored by it. This actually dried up, I think I only used it a handful of times to be truthful. But I paid like 20 cents for it so I don't feel bad about tossing it. I bought a ton of these Ulta body washes on massive sale and I'm sooo bored of them. They're great products, but I really need some more variety, I'm tired of these scents and bottles. The little bottle of conditioner was a free item with a birchbox order and honestly I only opened it because I ran out of my regular conditioner and had no time to go to the store. The Ulta mascara was so meh I have nothing else to say. And lastly the Temptu liquid highlighter. I liked the liquid aspect of it but the color was very tanned skin specific so really only usable in July and August.

Ah, the items that should be burned off the face of the earth. Top left is that awful cigarette smoke cleanser I've already talked about in a previous post, so I'll skip more complaining about that. The amika "undone" spray was just weird and didn't make sense. Like is it a hair spray? A dry shampoo? Beach spray? Nobody knows but it fails at all three. The Cetaphil wipes have been talked about already so I'll skip them this time. But they sucked. The ELF Lock and Seal pissed me off so bad. Like the tip of the bottle split so it leaked horribly if I laid it down and just was way more work than it was worth. Oh and it really friggin hurts to get this in your eyes. The Benefit push up piece of crap liner has also been talked about, but to reiterate is a total piece of crap and I'm pissed at Benefit about it still. The two Ulta products are just cheap crap and are getting tossed so I have the space they were occupying back. And lastly the one that is controversial, the GlamGlow whatever mud cleanser. This still is soooo over priced and really, can someone explain to me why people are nuts for this brand? $70 for a teenie little jar of "mud", it's ridiculous. This stuff actually made my skin super sensitive and I didn't see any improvements at all. Ridiculous.

So that's my trash, was it wonderful? Have I angered you by hating on a fave? Should I give something a second chance? Let me know down in the comments.


  1. I enjoy your August that I have mastered taking pics on my Mom's smart phone I can do more original pics for my blog posts!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    1. Sounds awesome, I look forward to seeing them. Thanks for stopping by