Friday, September 4, 2015

Project Pan 2015

I like to do little monthly Project Pans throughout the year, but as I get to the last few months of the year doing a big push to finish a lot of products is what I'm all about. For those who may not know what Project Pan is, it's a community of beauty lovers (and bloggers) working to "hit pan" or finish up products. We post them on Instagram or whatever our social media of choice is, and we encourage each other to finish that foundation to the last drop. So doing a Project Pan is just picking specific items and really focusing on finishing them up. If you find yourself knee deep in half finished items then doing something like this can be so helpful for you.

So this year I'm actually dividing my Project up between makeup and skincare/hair care items. I tend to go through skin and hair stuff faster than makeup so I'll be refilling that box whenever I finish everything in it. I won't be putting new makeup items into the makeup box, I've found that if I have new things I neglect the old things and never really finish stuff. I like to keep my Project Pan items in a box and basket so everything is already there for me and I don't have to dig through my massive hoard trying to find stuff. Plus if it's right there in my face I'm more likely to use it up faster I've learned.

So for skincare and hair care I have the Cetaphil wipes I hate, the Oribe Beach Waves spray from my last Birchbox, a Hyalauronic face gel, some argan oil for my hair, the Jouer clearing face oil from another Birchbox, the Glamglow foil pack, some lip scrub, and a weird toner thing from Paula's choice. I picked these items either because they were over halfway done and I just needed to finish them or because I hate them and need them out of my house finally. Some things like the face gel and argan oil I have a ton of in my stash so I'm just trying to destash my stash a bit. I'm pretty sure everything but the face gel will be done by the end of September.

These are my powders and eye stuff. Top row is the ELF eyebrow kit and an ELF bronzer. Love the eyebrow kit but it's almost done and I love the NYX brow gel better. The bronzer I HATE and will toss at the end of September. I'm basically just trying to get some extra use out of it to make me feel less guilty about tossing it. Next row is all eyeshadow minus the very last item which is an ELF cream eyeliner. The shadows are almost finished so I'm just trying to use them up, and the eyeliner needs to be used up this month or tossed, I've had it way longer than I'm comfortable with.
Bottom row is the Coastal Scents trial quad for the Revealed 2 palette. Since I own the palette I need to finish up this quad so there's no doubles in my palette box. The Ulta quad is halfway done already, with really only the dark brown left. The other shade in it only have a week's worth of shadow left in it. The next pot is the Smashbox eyeshadow primer I had to depot after the tube broke open. I need to finish this up, sticking my finger in it is gross to me and I'm worried about an eye infection. The last item is a cream mousse golden eyeshadow/highlighter. It's weird and I just need to use it up. I imagine I'll have 3 eyeshadows done by the end of the month and pan hit on another.

Lastly the tubes of stuff. Let's go left from right. First is the Ofra eye brow pencil I hate and tossed a day or two ago. But I used up quite a bit of it. Next is an ELF lip crayon that I really like but it's getting low so I might as well finish it up. The concealer is a yellow based one by ELF that I like but needs to be finished or tossed by January 1st. Same goes with that purple tube, that's a cream eyeshadow that I need to either use up or toss before it gives me an eye infection. The Miranesse lip crayon is almost brand new but I broke the cap so I need to try and finish it up before stuff gets in it. The Mary Kay lip gloss is really season specific so I hardly wear it, but again I need to use it up or toss it by January 1st. There's nothing wrong with the Maybelline mascara and it's only been open a month or so, but it isn't waterproof and the rainy season is upon us so it'll get tossed at the end of September as well. But I don't keep mascara longer than 3 months anyways so I'm not stressing a month early on the tossing. The ModelCo lipstick was in my last monthly Project Pan and I just want to continue working on it. I've got maybe half an inch left so I'll finish this for sure before January. The lollibalm is another Birchbox item AND was also in last month's Project Pan. There's maybe 1/4 of an inch left so it will probably be done by time this post goes live. And lastly is a deluxe sample of an It Cosmetics CC Cream I just got from Ulta (love free Ulta goodies) and I want to test it out so into the box it goes. These are normally about a week or so worth of product so it may be done by time this post goes live.

I think I'll get about 80% of the items done by January 1st, but I'd really like to get every single item done. I think if I do hit 100% completion I'll treat myself to a really nice new product or maybe some higher end skin care stuff. If you want to see how I'm doing on this make sure you follow me on Instagram and check back every Thursday here for a brief update. Wish me luck and good luck to anybody working on a Product Pan of their own.


  1. I love your beauty goal with your products...maybe use your Cetaphils on your hands or feet since you said this product "burns" or was harsh on your face (just suggestion)! I can't wait for your results!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    1. I find that setting goals really helps me focus and use stuff up. I ended up using the Cetaphil wipes to degrim after long days at work since they really weren't working on my face. Thanks for stopping by!