Monday, September 7, 2015

Mani Monday: Tattoos For Your Nails

Sometimes we want really elaborate nail art but really don't have the time to sit down and spend an hour or longer doing our nails. And we all know that nail wraps just shred the crap out of our nails, so those are not a great weekly solution. I mean unless you like split, cracked nails. In that case more power to you. For those who don't like cracked up nails, nail tattoos may be the perfect option. And no, these don't require a needle and permanent ink. Let's get started.

First step is to apply whatever color you want for your background color. Since the tattoos I picked a city skyline set I thought a blue shade would be pretty for the background.

Make sure your base coat is flawless because once the tattoo goes on there is no going back.

I actually found these Maybelline Nail Tattoos at the Dollar Store of all places like a year ago, so if you see them snag them up. These are amazing and I would pay full price for sure. The set I got is New York City, so there is the Brooklyn Bridge, Lady Liberty, and the Empire State Building. These are seriously cool.

What you do is select the ones that fit the nails you want to do them on, just like you would with a nail wrap.

Peel the clear plastic off and stick them design down onto your nails, making sure they are on straight.

Take a wet cotton ball and press it on for about 10 seconds, then peel the paper away to reveal your design. These are literally temporary tattoos for your nails, they apply the exact same way.

Repeat on all your nails then top with a layer or two of clear top coating to protect your design and that's it. It will take longer for the polish to dry then to do the design, which is what makes these so great. I'm hoping I can find some Halloween themed ones, or even some more city ones. Have you seen these in a store before and given them a try?

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