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August 2014 Ulta Gift Bag Review

Ulta, a beauty supply store I adore, does some amazing sales throughout the months and Augusts was no exception to the rule. Once I saw the ad for this month I knew I had to make a run into Ulta. I got quite a nice haul, with some massive savings (almost $100 saved!). I'll be reviewing everything this month but for right now I just want to talk about the free gift with purchase.

Wow, that's a lot of loot!

The deal was, if you bought $19.50 worth of Ulta brand skincare, makeup, or nail polish you'd get a gift bag full of makeup with a value of $88! For some reason I never took a picture of just the bag and goodies, but everything minus the 4 bottle of body wash, the 2 bigger nail polishes, the purple mascara, and the Psssst dry shampoo can were my free gifts. Each bag (there was a black one, a gold one, and this pink one) had the same items in it, just in different colors. I picked this one because of the eyeshadow colors but I'm pretty happy with everything that was in it. Each bag has: 3 eyeshadow quads, eyeshadow primer, a lipstick, a lipgloss, a mascara, a glitter eyeshadow top coat, a blush/bronze duo, a dual ended eye liner, a 3 piece brush set, and a mini nail polish.

So many new colors, so little time
Aren't those colors fantastic? The one on the left is purple hued, middle is a green hued one, and the one on the right is a neutral hued palette. I specifically wanted the neutral one to replace the one I keep in  my purse (I hit pan on it), but the other two are great too. On all 3 of the palettes the shadows are very soft and almost creamy feeling, which is a plus.

This is the palette I wanted
The colors on the neutral toned palette are Sunrise, a nude color with very little pigment (top right), In The Buff, a champagne color (top left), Toast, a shimmery tan (bottom right), and Mink, a dark metallic brown (bottom left). Three out of four colors isn't to bad, and I imagine with some primer these colors will be fabulous.

The colors on the purple hued palette are Naked, a white matte color without a lot of pigment (top left), Organza, a shimmery lilac color (top right), Grace, a matte light purple color (bottom left), and Plum Noir, a deep purple with a hint of shimmer (bottom right). Again, the light matte color had very little pigment but I'm not a big white eyeshadow fan so I'm ok with this.

Picture #2 since I deleted the first one, oops!

The colors on the green hued one are Bone, a matte nude color with very little pigment (top left), Sage, a soft and shimmery mint green (top right), khaki, a dark matte olive green (bottom left), and Molten, a metallic dark chocolate brown (bottom right). The nude color is very similar to the nude color on the neutral hued palette, close enough that I couldn't really see a difference on the swatches. Again only 3 out of the 4 had good pigmentation, which isn't to bad. I'm not sure how often I'll wear this color, green eyeshadow isn't really my thing, but maybe this will force me to branch out a bit.

I had never heard of an eyeshadow top coat before this, are they a thing now? This one is called Bronze Bombshell, and is a glittery metallic bronze as the name suggests. I love it as a stand alone color but I think it's suppose to go over your eyeshadow, which could be really pretty. Now to find a special occasion to try it out, this is for sure not an everyday color.

Sunkissed Blush/Bronzer Duo on the left, Bronze Bombshell eyeshadow on the right.

The blush/bronger duo was a huge let down, I could not get a swatch to show up no matter how many times I layered it. I had a hard time even seeing the difference between the two in the pan when I had it out in the bright sunlight. This will probably be gifted to my son as play makeup, they're just to light for my taste.

The lipstick and lipgloss compliment each other, so they can be worn together or separately. The lipgloss is what I would call a deluxe sample size, but the lipstick was full sized. The color of the lipstick was Feeling Peachy, and in the tube was a bright, peachy pink color that honestly scared me in the tube. But as you can see in the swatch below (the one on the right is the lipstick), it's a nice and sheer color. This is a fun summer color for sure, not sure how much wear I'll get out of it come fall and winter.

Guava Lipgloss (left), Feeling Peachy Lipstick (right)

The lipgloss is Guava and is a lovely medium pink color with some shimmer. As you can see from the swatch above (lipgloss is the one on the left), the color is pretty bright and well pigmented but can easily be applied lightly for a softer look. The formula is great, no hint of stickiness as all, which is a huge plus in my book. If all of Ulta's lipglosses are like this I may have to go and pick up a few (ok, a lot) more.

I must admit, I'm a sucker for mini nail polish bottles, isn't it so cute? The color is Sunset Bronze, and I'd call it a shimmery reddish bronze color. I love this type of color for my toes, though it'll make a great fall color for my fingers.

The thumb is one coat of the Sunset Bronze, you'd probably need two coats to make it look good, but one coat would be fine it you were in a hurry. The blue and the purple are the other two colors I bought, I'll do a review of them later.

The bag also came with a eyeshadow primer, a mascara, and a dual ended eyeliner. I currently have a primer already open so I'll be saving this new one till I've finished my open one. Same goes for the mascara, I like to have only one open at a time so I don't waste them.

I did try out they eyeliner, which is black on one end and a dark brown on the other end. They are pretty soft and smeared fairly easily, as you can see in the second picture. I've used worst eyeliners than this, but I won't be buying more of these in the future.

3 tools came in the bag as well, a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, and an eyeshadow sponge brush. The sponge brush went straight to my son, I don't like or use them and I thought it was a bit weird that Ulta included one. The eyeshadow brush is nice though, very flat but soft. I don't have a brush exactly this shape so I'll be using this for sure. The blush brush is VERY soft, so probably best to use it on loose powders. I'm not 100% sure if I'll be using this or or gifting it to my son.

And lastly, the bag. I'm a sucker for hot pink, so I was glad the makeup I wanted came in this bag. It's not the nicest bag but it isn't super cheap either. Pretty decently sized, and the textured pattern is a nice touch, I'll probably use this for traveling or something.

Overall I'm very happy with what I received in my free gift from Ulta, did anybody else take advantage of this deal? If you did, which colored bag did you get and what were your thoughts?

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