Saturday, August 9, 2014

Weekend Tips and Tricks

Sometimes the weekend can't come soon enough, and this was one of those weeks that just seemed to drag on and on. I found myself redoing the same paperwork over and over because I was so burned out and tired. So this Tips and Tricks will be about destressing and unwinding from a looooong week.

Tip #1: Make your last work night an at home spa night. Put on some soothing music, use a mask you love, and relax in a warm, soothing bath for a few hours. Don't have a tub? Turn your shower into a mini steam room and let the steam relax your muscles while you sweat out all the bad stuff.

Tip #2: Need a massage but don't have that much free cash? Massage schools often offer massages at a discounted price (typically around $25) so their students can get in all the hours of practice they need to get their licenses.

Tip #3: A good nights sleep can do wonders to erase a bad week. To help soothe you to sleep, use lavender products like lotion, linen spray, or essential oil to help you relax.

Tip #4: Journaling is a great way to get all those feelings out of you and reflect on them as well. Plus a piece of paper won't give you crappy advice when you really just wanted a shoulder to cry on.

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