Monday, August 18, 2014

Mani Monday: Easy Spotted Manicure

If you are on Instagram you've probably seen some of the amazing nail art that people are coming up with. Some of them are seriously amazing, like tiny works of art. Some of them however are simple enough that anybody can do them and still look amazing. I'm going to start a weekly column called Mani Mondays to help teach you how to do some of the nail art you might have seen online. Some will be super simple while some will be more difficult, but all will be doable from the comfort of your own home.

This week's mani is super simple but looks great on both toes and fingers. And the supplies are easy to come by as well, all you need is something to dot with. I have an actual dotting tool, but a bobby pin works and I've even seen people make their own dotting tools out of pins and a pencil. You could even use a really thin paintbrush if you wanted to.

Once you have that all you need are two different colors of nail polish. I like to choose colors that compliment each other but are different enough you can really see it. I've done red with white dots and pink with pale pink dots, but today I'll be doing a robin's egg blue with black dots.

First you want a nice and smooth base coat of whatever color you want the nail itself to be, in this case the blue. I like to do three coats typically, but that will just depend on what nail polish you are using. Let it dry completely before you move onto the next step, you don't want to have to start completely over because you grew impatient. Don't worry if you get some on your skin, we'll clean that up later.

Now you want to dip your dotting tool (homemade or bought) into your other nail color and gently touch it to your nails. If you want a small dot do a light tough, if you want a larger dot do a little wiggle to spread the polish out a bit. I like to randomly place them around but if you want you can do them in a pattern or evenly spaced.

Please ignore than bandage, I had a boiling water accident.
The dotting technique
Once the dots are dry put a few coats of a good top coat on and let it dry completely again. Once you are all done take either a q-tip or an old paintbrush (that's what I used) and clean up the messy edges with it.

And tada! You have lovely dotted nails! I love this look for my toes, it's such an unexpected pop of cuteness especially during sandal season.


  1. That's so cute and seems like it would be easy to do - thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! They are super easy and seem to always be super cute, even if you mess up. I had pink with light pink dots on my toes for a week and I got a ton of compliments on it.

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