Monday, July 20, 2015

Musings on Manicures

I do a fair amount of manicures and pedicures per month thanks to this blog and my need for lovely nails. My weekly manicures range from the super simple to the awe inspiring masterpieces themed around some event that is coming up. This gives me a lot of time to really think about nail art and what works and what doesn't, so I though today we'd do something different and just talk about nail stuff.

One of the things I have noticed is that the brighter colored nails get more compliments than maybe a complex but neutral colored manicure. I don't know if that's because the jewel tones and glitter polish just attract the eye more but those are always the designs that have people stop me in the store to compliment me on them. The only exception to this is when I did the little paw prints manicure, that was the one that EVERYBODY loved and I really need to revisit on this blog. So if you want the flash but not the time think about a jewel tones polish with an accent finger in a complimenting glitter like I did in the picture above,

One thing I've noticed is that the polish brand really makes a difference. The Ulta brand surprisingly is my favorite out of all the brands I've tried, with Essie being my second favorite. More often than not I can get Ulta polish on sale for $2 and they last the longest out of all my brands. I've had a manicure last almost a full week with just regular top coat, that's super impressive. I've started picking up another bottle every time I go into Ulta now, pretty sure I will own every color by the end of the year.

Nail polish is a nice way to express my creative side in situations I may not be able to normally, and it has become a way for me to bond with my son as well (he loves having his toes painted). Doing dozens and dozens of different manicures can get difficult at times and have taken a toll on my nails, but I am greatly enjoying going them and can't wait to show you guys a new design next week.

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