Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June 2015 Empties, My Push to Finish Products

Today is the first day of July, and that means it is time to sort through my mountain of trash and see what I used up in June. Now last month I set a goal of 25 finished products, which admittedly is quite a lot of items. I not only met that goal, but I ended up 5 above it if I counted correctly. 30 items finished in one month, that's pretty good I think. So because there are so many items I'll divide them into "Yes, No, Maybe" and talk about a few of the stand outs in the group.

These are my "Yes, I would repurchase them" pile. I've talked about everything minus the clay mask before so I'll mainly just focus on that this time. I love Freeman masks and the lemon mint one is my favorite of the clay ones. This dries out my acne and leaves my skin looking so nice. I've already got a back up of this. The brush is an ELF studio small stippling brush, and I actually ran out within an hour of breaking it and bought another. They're only $3, so I don't mind that the studio line isn't as sturdy as some of my other brushes, all but one of mine broke within a year of buying it. I'll probably talk about that more later.

These are my "Maybe" items. The Liz Earle soothing eye lotion was really nice, as was the Demeter Jasmine perfume, but they're both a bit spendy for my current budget. Maybe in the future when I have some extra cash for goodies. The two ELF blushes I really liked, but I'm kind of sick of the powder one after making it my Project Pan item. And the cream blush dried up after a year, which was a bit frustrating. I will probably pick these up in the future but right now I need a break from them.

My "No" pile is huge this time, which surprised me. All of the hair care products just didn't step up to my expectations of them, even the Beauty Protector shampoo and conditioner. All the lotions are a no because I own to much lotion currently and cannot justify buying more anytime in the next year. The makeup items were either way overpriced (Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel and Smashbox Primer), or I just didn't like enough to want more of. The two tools in the no pile, the beauty blender dupe and the cotton swabs, actually really disappointed me. The sponge would NOT come clean, no matter how or what I washed it with and I eventually ripped it trying to ungross it. The cotton rounds were suppose to be my Dollar Store regulars but they switched them for these awful, shedding things and I didn't notice till I was home. I may have to start getting my cotton swabs somewhere else until they switch back to the ones I liked. And lastly, that Dove body wash gave me a horrible rash, so if you have sensitive skin I suggest avoiding it like the plague. An itchy, hive covered plague.

The last month was really great for empties and I'm super happy with my progress. I won't set any goals for July since I have a feeling I won't be wearing a whole lot of makeup that month. I do want to finish another thing of lotion and all my stockpiled hair stuff, but other than that I'm not going to push myself. If you see an item in the pictures you want me to talk more about please let me know down below in the comments.


  1. I love your honest review of items and meeting your goal!! I am doing a major clean up of all my minis and being mindful to use moisturize/sunscreen or SPF product daily!! Also glad why you explain on certain products based on budget, quality, or doesn't fit your lifestyle!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

    1. Thanks, since my beauty budget is pretty tight I have to really look at every item I purchase and make sure it is a good fit for me. Thanks for stopping by and good luck using up your stuff.