Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SlimQuick Extra Strength Drink Mix

*I received this free for testing and reviewing purposes. All opinions are 100% my own*

UPDATE: The people at SlimQuick were kind enough to provide a $5 off coupon for my readers, click here to get it.

Because of my health issues I bloat horribly and I'm not able to work out like I want to, which means my belly looks full all the time and I've got some squishiness in places I don't want to be squishy. Until my treatments have progressed enough that I can do 10 sit-ups without horrific, crippling pain I have to look to other methods to help with the squish and the bloat. I eat pretty well most of the time and I'm attempting to limit my salt intake and drink more water to help with the bloating, but I can only do so much. Sometimes as I blogger I get to try items I really want to, and these SlimQuick Extra Strength Drink Mix packets are one of those times where my wants and my opportunities aligned perfectly.

In case you are not familiar with SlimQuick, they are a company that specializes in weight loss products like meat replacement shakes and powders (though I seem to think I've seen bars too). They make a protein powder I love but my store no longer carries too, so I was pretty familiar with the brand. Most SlimQuick products are designed to help women lose weight by addressing the most common physical reasons our weight loss program may be struggling, like hormones and the ever dreaded bloat. These packets have a drink mix that helps boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, debloat you, boost your energy so you can actually work out, and support your natural hormones. A pretty good list of benefits, but I know you don't care about what the manufacturer claims, you want to know if it worked for me and how it tastes.

Let's start with the flavor, since for many people a bad tasting product, no matter how well it works, is a no go. These are "mixed berry" flavored, sort of a fruit punch sort of flavor. You mix the powder into 16 ounces of water and drink several bottle of it throughout the day with your meals. It wasn't a bad taste, there was just this medicinal quality to it I did not like at first. After about day 3 of my testing I got use to it but if you want something that just tastes like juice you won't like this. It tastes just enough off that I never forgot what I was drinking. And can I just say drinking several bottles of anything a day sucks? I know I should drink more water but since my bladder is basically being strangles peeing in uncomfortable and difficult on good days so needing to pee every 2 hours really wasn't fun.

I've only done 4 days of this drink mix and I did not do the recommended amount due to the above mentioned bladder issues and I've already seen results that make me want to suck it up and do a full course of it. My normally bloated stomach is almost flat and my jeans fit better as a result. I'm also more comfortable without the bloated stomach as well, which is making life a little less awful right now. I don't know if I've lost any weight because we are a scale free household for my mental health but I look better and I feel better. Do I think I've lost weight? Probably a little bit from at least the water weight going away, and I'm sure if I combined this with an exercise routine and drank the recommended amount I'd see some serious results.

I've always like the SlimQuick brand and I'm just as happy with their new drink mix as I am with the other products I've tried. I would assume you can find these in most stores, but you can do a search on their website as well as get valuable tips on weight loss and see what else they have available. I'll be finishing up my box for sure and will probably purchase another box once that's done.


  1. Glad to hear it's working for you! It's all about trying stuff out and seeing what works best since everyone is different :)

  2. Sounds like it's an effective product for slimming.. :) Glad it work on you..

  3. That's awesome that it's working for you. Nothing worse than feeling bloated.

  4. Glad this product is working for you! I agreed on the taste factor for certain products ( I guess that's the inner child at work!)

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty