Tuesday, July 7, 2015

My Not so Little Lipstick Haul

Somebody asked me once what one makeup product I could not live without and without even having to think about it I said lipstick. I own a fair amount (according to my husband fair amount means I'm like the crazy cat lady but with lipstick instead), and every time I go to Ulta or Target to get some shampoo or whatever I end up buying another lip product or six. And as soon as I buy some I immediately have to start planning which ones I'm going to buy next. I might have a slight problem in retrospect. But can you really blame me? The right lip product can make or break a look, as anyone who has found their perfect shade of red can tell you. Today I'm going to show you the lip products I bought or was wonderfully gifted during June, because what fun is a lipstick collection if you can't show it off?

First up are my NYX lovelies. I've been exploring their entire line for the last few months, picking up a few items here and there. For the most part I really like the company, and they have a great selection of affordable lipsticks. I did a big review of some a month or so ago of their Round Case Lipsticks, so this time I tried to pick some different products (though I did get one more Round Case Lipstick).

The High Voltage Lipstick line is fairly new I believe, and judging by the picked over display at my local Ulta are pretty popular. I only bought one because I wasn't sure how different these would be from their other lipsticks, and of course it was one of the reds. Hollywood is a highly pigmented, creamy bright red that I've fallen completely in love with. These are much more opaque and pigmented than the Round Case Lipsticks, and offer more fun colors like a bright purple I need to buy.

The Round Case lippie I added to my collection is such a non-me color that I'm surprised I bought it, but it has ended up being a new favorite. If you follow me on Intagram you know I love the bright and bold colors, so Cocoa (a soft, neutral brown shade) is way outside my normal. As with all the other lipsticks in that line, it applies well and stays on as long as you'd expect from a regular lipstick. It is a great everyday color and if you love neutral lips I highly recommend getting this one.

The Butter Lip Balm line is newish, came out about a year ago I believe. For some reason these have never interested me, but I finally bought some literally so I could review them. Certain colors that I want seem to always be out of stock at my Ulta, so I settled on Panna Cotta (a very sheer pink) and Ladyfingers (a bright pinky mauve color) finally. Panna Cotta is sheer enough I don't really notice any color on my lips, but Ladyfinger gives me a nice flush of color. They're decent lip balms and they smell really nice, but I don't know if I'd get any more. Maybe if they were on a good sale or the red one was finally in stock.

And lastly is my biggest disappointment from NYX. I've been lusting after certain shades of their Soft Matte Lip Cream line for over a year now, but they are ALWAYS out of stock at my Ulta. Finally one of the shades was available when I was in buying all the other NYX lippies, so I snagged it and rushed home to apply it. The color  (San Paulo) is gorgeous and rich and I loved it, till about an hour later when half of it had dissolved into a patchy mess all over my lips. While I was at work. I really expected better lasting power from a matte product than this. If I do any eating, drinking, or talk for a while (like I do at my job) this fades in patches and really looks awful. I wanted to love this but I really can't. If you have any suggestions on making it work I am all ears.

My second lip haul of June was born out of necessity believe it or not. I finished my favorite lip balm during my Spring Project Pan and the one I was using just wasn't cutting it. The Baby Lips line by Maybelline had a huge cult following so I figured for under $4 I'd give them a try. I bought one of the clear sunscreen ones (Quencher) and one of the Crystal ones (Pink Quartz). I can see why people like these, they're fun looking, smell incredible, and are a decent lip balm. Are they the best lip balm in the whole world? No, but they're better than what I was using and are ten times more fun. They both smell like candy and the Pink Quartz one not only has a light hot pink tint to it but also has little bits of glitter in it. I'll be picking more of these up probably next month, I'm on a strict no buy this month now.

My very last lippie of the month was actually given to me as a thank you present by Air Repair. If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen my review of it, but in case you haven't I'll share it with you. This is a bronzey pink lip gloss that is basically a tinted version of their rescue balm. What this means is it's not sticky at all, smells like roses, and will not only moisturize your lips but help repair them. I believe this is the only color available, but if they ever put out more colors I would buy them in a heartbeat. This is how you do lip gloss, not that awful sticky mess most other companies call lip gloss. Air Repair can do no wrong in my book, I've seriously loved all of their products.

Those are my goodies from June, did you see anything you have to have right now? I'm ok being an enabler, and you deserve a new lipstick or twelve. What lip products should I get next? Am I totally wrong on the Soft Matte Lip Cream sucking? Are you a Baby Lips fanatic as well? If you want to see these on my lips I'll be posting them to my Instagram account all week, so make sure you are following me.

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