Monday, July 6, 2015

Sometimes the Best Manicure is No Manicure

Monday's are normally my day for a fun and bright manicure, but sometimes they just aren't appropriate at all. I will be leaving this week for an out of state funeral so my usual finger flair is not going to cut it at all. Times like this are when I like to give my nails a vacation and focus on other things like helping my family get through this difficult time.

We will be gone Wednesday through Saturday I believe, so I'll have my posts all queued up but I won't be available to answer comments or respond to emails till Sunday night. July is shaping up to be a difficult month so I ask for your patience while we deal with things on a personal and health level. Hopefully this blog won't suffer to much, but I know there will be missed posts for sure. So this is my "I'm sorry" in advanced.

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