Wednesday, October 22, 2014

E.L.F. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette

I'm the kind of person who like a lot of variety, I need options all the time. This spills over to my makeup as evidence by my dozens of tubes of lipsticks and more eyeshadow than I want to admit right now. So an eyeshadow palette with 100 different shades was something I just had to have, especially when I saw the price! The E.L.F Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette is one of the largest eyeshadow palettes out there, and at $10 (technically $20 but it always seems to be on "sale" for $10 so I'm calling BS on the $20 price tag) you really can't beat that price.

There are a wide variety of shades in this palette, from mattes to shimmery satins and from lovely neutrals to bright pinks and blues. There is literally a color for every situation and mood, its awesome! I've been slowly making my way through the palette since I bought it in April, and while some of them aren't great or are such a weird color I'll never use it (like the oranges, who wears orange eyeshadow?), I'd say at least 90% are well worth it. Generally they apply well and when paired with primer last all day. I'd say the matte colors tend to perform worst than the shimmery ones, and some of the lighter colored matte ones are chalky and pretty unwearable (like the matte white).

I'm not going to do swatches because doing 100 of them will take me forever but, I will show you my favorite colors. The pink shadow I marked with the red square is my absolute favorite color and I think I'm getting close to hitting pan. The frosted pink shade just goes really well with the brown color I marked with a green square and some winged eyeliner. The shade directly below that, marked with a pink square, is a lovely champagne color perfect for highlighting or for special occasions. The gold color I marked with the yellow square is also a great highlighting color as well. And oddly enough the pink color marked with the black square gets used a lot when I'm doing "sunset" inspired eyes. Those are my favorite colors out of the palette but I use pretty much all of them.

I really love this palette and think it's a great investment, especially when it'll cost less than a lunch to buy. And if you have patience you can pick it up during a special for free like I did. I have not seen this in stores so I'll call this an online buy only (ELF has the slowest shipping ever, so keep that in mind while shopping). And if you fall in love with a color you won't be able to buy just that color, which I think is a huge error on their part. I would buy full sized pans of several of these colors in a heartbeat if I could. But overall I'm calling this a really savvy buy for people who need lots of variety.

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