Friday, October 31, 2014

Old Factory Candle Gift Set Review

As a fully formed person I like lots of different things besides makeup and skincare stuff, and while I won't talk about most of them on this blog, there seems to be a general consensus amongst beauty bloggers that candles are awesome. Actually, I think pretty much every person out there likes candles. So when I was given the opportunity to test out a trio of candles I did my happy dance and busted out the lighter.

Old Factory Candles is a USA based company (HUGE fan of buying locally) that creates hand poured soy based candles. Each trio comes with 3 complementing scents and is suppose to burn for 20 hours each, which I think is pretty good for being smaller candles. I chose the "Spa Day" trio, which came with Lemongrass, Cucumber, and Green Tea, but there were tons of options available. I wanted something I could burn while taking a much needed home spa day in my bath tub, and this seemed perfect. The candles are available from Amazon (I've provided links further down) and since I have a Prime membership they arrived in two days.

They were packaged quite well, I don't thing these would have broken unless someone played tackle football with my box, so points there. Each candle is packaged in a little clear glass jar with a black plastic lid and a really nice label on the front and a scent sticker on the bottom. Mine are all a whitish color, not sure if that is true of every set. For those not familiar with soy candles, they tend to burn cleaner and the wax has a lower melting point so in the event your 3 year old grabs it you know there won't be horrific third degree burns. I also think soy candles last longer, but that may just be the specific candles I buy. I personally prefer soy to regular wax, so I was very happy to see these were soy.

The first candle I opened up was the cucumber one, which on cold sniff (meaning an unlite candle) reminded me of a cucumber lotion, very soft and soothing smelling. Not cucumber melon smelling, just straight cucumber, so I think it fits with the theme very well. I have not burned this one yet, but I think it will be a subtle scent once burning.

The second candle I opened was the lemongrass one and this is my favorite of the three. It legit smells like lemongrass and smelled strong on cold sniff. I've been burning it on my desk off and on for the last day and a half and after that first initial hour burn you can really smell it. Not in your face strong, but I can smell it around my living room and it smells so good you guys. Burns super clean too, no soot around the edge of the candle, even after being blown out and relighted three times now. The wick is doing good, no real mushroom top (when the tip of the lite wick blows up like a mushroom top). There's a little bit of a lean going on, but my spawn was messing with it earlier (no spilled wax, he just tipped it to blow it out) so it may not be a fault in the candle.

The third candle is green tea and is more lotion with green tea in it than straight green tea, but it still smells good. I'd say this is in the middle of the trio for cold sniff scent, and I have no idea how it will do one I burn it. I think it will be strong once started, but I can also see it being a softer scent. I'll probably try this once next so keep an eyeball out on my Twitter for an update.

Each set contains 3 2 oz candles and is $25 (free shipping if you are Prime), which I think is fair for the candles. 60 hours of burning time total, which now that I've burned one for a while I can totally see each one lasting that long. Some of the other scent combos sound really great, so I may pick some up for Christmas gifts and maybe another scent or two for me. Below I've provided links to each trio they have available so you can easily check them out.

Baby Born Trio
Coffee Shop Trio
Fall Harvest Trio
Fresh and Clean Trio
Happy Holidays Trio
High as a Kite Trio
Man Cave Trio
Romance Trio
Spa Day Trio
Vacation Trio
50 Shades Trio
Winter Wonderland Trio

*I received this item free for the purpose of testing and reviewing. All opinions expressed are my own*


  1. I really enjoyed reading this product review! Thank you for sharing this post. "Spa Day" sounds like a great candle set for a bubble bath. :-)

    1. Glad you liked it! These candles have become my "burning on my desk" staple since I got them, they are so soothing. I really recommend them.