Saturday, October 11, 2014

Weekend Tips and Tricks

The weekend, that magical time I try and cram a weeks worth of errands into two days. The weather is sloooowly turning colder here, next week is suppose to be more typical fall weather apparently, so I may be busting out the scarves finally. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your beauty routine running smooth.

Tip #1: As that cold winter weather slowly moves in, you may be finding your hands and feet getting drier and drier. An easy overnight fix for that is to slather them in a good, thick moisturizer (or Vaseline) and place cotton socks and gloves on before bed. You can actually buy ones with moisturizing stuff already in it, but why spend money when you have the items at home already. DO this once a week during those cold, dry months and you'll never have crocodile feet (or hands!)

Tip #2: This is a DO NOT DO tip. I recently say a tip to use tissue paper, like the kind you use for presents, as an oil blotting paper. The only way this is a good idea is if you use the white kind, anything with color will bleed onto your skin when it gets wet. Honestly, blotting paper is pretty cheap depending on what brand you get so just stick to the real stuff and save yourself a blue forehead. The tip about using toilet seat covers as blotting paper may work well, but ew. That's nasty. Particles from the toilet fly out every time you flush, do you really want to put that on your face? Just...ew.

Tip #3: Find yourself going through a product super fast? Make sure you are using the correct amount. For shampoo you need about a strawberry, conditioner a raspberry or two depending on your hair length. Eye cream is something you need very little of, about the size of a grain of rice.

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